Kills the neighbor, the victim's wife exposes a magazine: "Monster, you are merciless"

"Monster, you killed my husband without mercy». The red notebook is on a white sheet on the banister of the house of Cosimo D & # 39; Aleo, the 42-year-old man, who was shot last night in Sferracavallo, a seaside village in Palermo.

At the height of a quarrel, a neighbor, Pietro Billitteri, 59, shot down a clean record, an employee of the Rap, the environmental health company in the Sicilian capital, with two gunshots. An execution that took place before the eyes of the victim's family, who now demand justice for that absurd death.

"A tragedy that can be avoided» they say in a lot. In addition to writing, a photograph reminds the man who had long tense, stormy messages with his killer.

Continuing arguments for useless reasons between the two living in the same building via Sferracavallo on the ground floor and on the first floor. Last night ended, seems to have broken out because of the smoke from the barbecue lit by D & # 39; Aleo who had invaded the 59-year-old house. But this time the words quickly changed to the facts, Billitteri held a pistol and exploded two shots that reached the victim's chest without letting them escape. Then he fled aboard a Ford Fiesta which the agents of Mobile found left a few hours later via Giulio Verne. His escape ended in a warehouse in the Marinella, where the agents tracked him at night. "He had done my life in hell, I was tired of the constant threats," he told the researchers. Now he has arrested the detention, as well as the suspension by the company for which he works.

It all started because of a barbecue. The quarrel that led to the murder of Cosimo D & # 39; Aleo, a 43-year-old killed by his neighbor Piero Billitteri with a gun, was born for a grilled meat that was too much smoke. The two, living in the same building in Sferracavallo, the seaside resort of Palermo, had been fighting for neighborhood affairs for months. Last night the umpteenth discussion stimulated by the decision of D & # 39; Aleo, who lived on the ground floor, to roast meat on the outside. Billitteri would have screamed out of the victim that the smoke was bothering him.

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The tones would be turned on. The attacker would go home to get the gun and then, sent back from the neighbor, he would shoot for his wife. The killer first hid in his apartment, then fled in a car, armed, and was eventually stopped by the police after a few hours. «I was tired of the constant crimes and provocations that I had to endure», the killer, who is 59 years old, the researchers confessed and explained that he had moved to that village near the sea because he wanted a more peaceful life .

Many witnesses have confirmed the constant quarrels between neighbors who are often driven by D & # 39; Aleo, who in the past was accused of theft, violence and violence in the family. "He insulted us and mocked us every time my wife and I came in. It was a constant threat," said Billitteri, an employee of the waste processing company in Palermo, the agents and the prosecutor Gianluca De Leo. "Yesterday I went to work for my evening service, I forgot my badge and came home to get it, hit my shirt with the fork he used to roast the meat on the barbecue, so I went into the house and grabbed the gun and went back into the street. "

Not even for the gun pointed, D & # 39; Aleo would have stopped insulting Billitteri. "So you do not have the balls to shoot," he would have shouted. At this point, the Rap worker exploded two shots with a 38-caliber gun that he found in a garbage container during a shift. The cannon was illegally detained, so Billitteri was also reported.

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