La voce Delle Voices – Foa at the Rai summit: with two illegal voices?

If a party suspects fraud or irregularity of the vote, the complaint is followed by careful checking of the ballots to protect the legitimacy of the results. The chairman of the RAI Counseling Committee has an idea of ​​the anarchy of the norm and refuses to the representatives of the Democratic Party the vision of two voices because they have been made recognizable, to show that they have respected the discipline that their client has imposed. The Democratic Party disputes the vote on the Rai board: "Two cards are invalid, but they do not show us the deeds" "Barachini, chairman of the committee, complicated and denied the vision with the binding and unproven statement that the votes The problem of the Democratic Party has no influence on the progress of the vote, but the formal lack of two votes, made recognizable for Salvini, if not, why not show the cards ? The members of the committee: "" Maybe they know that they have broken the law and that the vote on Marcello Foa is invalid? What should they hide? And especially: how do the presidents of the chambers, Fico and the senate Casellati quiet? ".

But who is Foa? There is a collection of signatures of European parliamentarians who are concerned about the choice of Foa, "ordinary host of Russian propaganda tools & # 39; Russia to day and Spoetnik & # 39; and use it to distribute disinformation over the internet & # 39 ;. The Guardian: "Eurosceptic journalist who often shared false messages and holds positions as anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-vaccine and Russian." Meanwhile, the yellow-green occupation of Rai started. Appointed interim, director of the regional newspaper Casarin, Salvini-man. We will see some nice ones.

It is the maneuver of change they say in a state of euphoric drunkenness and the "languid, unfinished" Di Maio. The member "I'm having a hard time" Legini Salvini is the counter-melody. They chirp: "It is the change maneuver". Di Maio, not to neglect the populist vocation, adds: "It is man's maneuver" and it does not matter why people will pay the 27 billion euros of deficit overruns. Who understands the economy and who has salt in pumpkin, answers: "It is the maneuver of failure". The two unconscious have preceded Tria's failure through dismissal threats and forced him to raise the government debt to 2.4 percent. If the minister remains in place, it is only through the will of Mattarella who plans to see instead an economist who is even more permeable to the will of the government.

The grillini show on the balcony of Palazzo Chigi, with the fingers "V" as a sign of victory, it must be kept in the archive for the dark days, when our economy will be destroyed by the yellow-green duopoly. The cancellation of the Fornero law is also part of self-delivery, but Tria warns, even in a precarious state as a result of the battle received, "There are no means to abolish it". In the margins of the event, the unconsciousness of the passing prime minister. Conte is happy with the law without understanding what he is talking about: "It is a rigorous political agreement to maintain the deficit / GDP ratio at 2.4% until 2021". Understood? The annual debt of 17 billion is multiplied by three. Save who can. The tail of the coalition agreement is the unconscious scream "We are not afraid of the spread or the markets". It is unfortunate that we do not see that the collision with Europe will lead to an infringement procedure against Italy. It is unfortunate that the Ftse Mib index, which drops below (-3%) that the banks lose from 10 to 4%, that there is tension on Italian government bonds, is not commented with "V" fingers spread recovered to 280 points and the 10-year interest rate rises to 3.24 percent. Dima and Salvi still say who cares?

Where does the agreement between the government and Forza Italia start and end? Mariastella Gelmini: "The government has chosen the way of gambling and exposed the country to incredible risks, which means that the deficit / GDP percentage is over 2%, in order to finance a welfare program. Italy is the abyss, this is the government of adventure, which, instead of eliminating poverty, threatens to collapse the country, without providing the necessary support to support the economy, a responsibility which both government partners take over completely. "

The over-enthusiastic Deputy Prime Minister grullino (It is not a mistake grullino), a victim of voracious power, shouts the scandal for the election of Ermini, Pd resigned, to the vice-presidency of the High Council for Magistracy. Minister Grullino (it is not a blunder) of justice Bonafede: "The majority of the robes decided to do politics". In the third vote, Ermini has defeated with 13 permissions (also from the Liga, affiliated with the M5S) the professor Grillo Alberto Maria Benedetti, who has taken 11. How they bonafede and with him Di Maio said: Benedetti had the upper hand, grullino doc, would have used the same standard or dampen the political presence in the MSM of their candidate?

What happened to the rosary made by Salvini to capture the voices of Catholics? The pope and his bishops have ideas that are opposed to the policy of rejecting migrants and do not make it a mystery. The President of the CEI, Gualtiero Bassetti: "A decree should endure a period of need and for what I have read, our decree deletes permits for humanitarian reasons." In essence, the discretion of humanitarian protection would be removed for prefects and judges. , while only permits for medical treatment or the need to return to the countries of origin for a short period of time, expulsion to the first degree of conviction is unconstitutional, and if that is enough, it seems to me that something is being done that is not exactly in accordance with the Constitution, because it does not take into account the three degrees of judgment. "

Pro-orban movement, yes of the Chamber, League and M5S unlike Strasbourg. The motion with which the Democratic Party wanted to support the position of Europe against the Hungarian xenophobic right-wing party, led by Viktor Orbán, does not pass to the House. Green disc in favor of the magician leader of the League and the M5S, despite the grumblings in Strasbourg have voted for sanctions. Miracles of coherence grullina (it is not a mistake, grullina).

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