laughs at the dead of Genoa

His cover Charlie Hebdo, this time the dedication to the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa. And immediately the controversies begin. The famous French satirical magazine has decided to go to the press by defeating Italy on the front page and two central issues at this time in Belpaese: the dramatic story of the Genoese viaduct and the immigration emergency.

The image (see photo) is a vignette on a yellow background showing the broken bridge at the top left, while on the ground, between the rubble and a car that has just been deposited, there is a person of color who is ramazza with the ground: " Built by Italians … cleaned by migrants ". It's a macabre irony, someone says. And many remember the shameful covers dedicated to the earthquake in central Italy, drawings that caused a whirlwind of controversy two years ago. Or the one with the title "Italy, the snow has arrived" at the Rigopiano tragedy, where we saw the death, dressed in two scythes as skis, descended over the avalanche that flooded the hotel in the mountains .

The first to perform the attack satirical newspaper Frans was the Deputy Transport Minister, the Ligurian Edoardo Rixi: "The French newspaper Charlie Hebdo is shameless and knows how to overcome any limit in bad taste.This would be satire? For me there is only one word: disgusting", wrote on Facebook the League. In fact, the collapse of the Genoa bridge, which was already social, had produced a false cover of Charlie. This time, however, the design is true. And it will certainly raise a lot of comments.

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