"Let's have a cup of coffee before the interview." And a nightmare starts for two young Venetians

Go to an interview and find yourself vthe moment of a scam and the nightmare of being kidnapped for more than half an hour and the fear of being caught by a criminal. It happened in Mestre. A few days ago. To two girls in their 25 who have known each other to be contacted by the same temporary employment agency based in via Piave.

"They were looking for two positions of secretary, one back office, the other for data entry. In retrospect, I do not understand how they got our cell phone numbers. But I did not think about that. I am looking for a job and then I presented myself on an equal footing with my age. "He agreed to tell the story, but asks the anonymity of one of the main characters:" They have our data, our contact details , frankly, I am not calm. Of course we turned to the carabinieri. They made a detailed report, as advised us, but the names they received were non-existent and the telephone they called us with was turned off. The office? Disembarked within a few hours ».

LA CRONACALe two girls, once examined by what he says to be the manager of the company, a man of about 35 years old, are selected and invited to come back the next day with clothing that is suitable for the role they will have to fulfill in the company office where they are supposed to be. They will have to do a practical test from 9.30 am to 6.30 pm with a lunch break. Punctual to the appointment are received by two foreign nationals who qualify as employees of the agency: between twenty and thirty years, they also as the boss, with the Venetian accent. "Let's make coffee before we start& # 39; Bid. And here the strangeness begins. The two prospective secretaries they are made to go up by car going to a bar is not far away. But instead of going a few hundred meters here, that is the car takes the ring road towards Marghera, then the Romea.

THE TRAVEL Two girls look at each other but do not have the courage to ask for an explanation: they are afraid that if they ask questions they can get stuck in the car and who knows what can happen. So they try to play. Meanwhile, one of the two, unseen, sends the position to the boyfriend with a smartphone with a message of help. Eventually the car stops in a bar in Dolo: but they refuse both the coffee and the cigarette because they are afraid it can be a snare. And here's the surprise: that's what he's told secretarial functions are no longer available, but they can carry out door-to-door sales services. For energy companies, they allude. The two more and more suspicious young women explain that they are not interested in the new offer and are then mocked with phrases such as: "If you want, we can commit the robberies. Maybe on the couch "and the two show latex masks.

FEAR "I have to confess that I was really scared at the time – the 25-year-old stays – but I never felt threatened sexually, but they understood that we had warned someone and so they shook hands and left us there, so we were told that you can take the bus. Instead the colleague's boyfriend arrived and we went back to Mestre, decided to go to the carabinieri and tell us everything ». A really special and worrying business. "Even today I get angry about how they found my mobile phone number, how we found out that I was waiting for a job, what were their real intentions, I just do not know, and I can not even imagine it. is this whole story a great lesson in life that, when you see how it ended, fortunately makes me stronger and makes me even more aware.Of course, I know, he could go different, worse. consciously ».

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