Letter to President Mattarella – Qui Quotidiano

Mr. President,

Who writes is an Italian citizen who feels insulted by his statements that are one way: I want to say that you have renounced the role of guarantor of the Constitution that you interpret as a politically deployed parliamentarian. She relies on the Constitution if she notes that Article 97 states that … it is necessary to ensure a balanced budget and sustainability of the debt: this is because having public finance is an indispensable condition for social security. . And I could also agree with you and the Constitution, if it is not that our Constitution, apart from the fact that it is a little dated, is not realized from Article 1 for which the "work" is apparently an empty word, an optional. We all have a job? Is the unemployment rate among the highest in Europe not worried? Especially when it refers to young people? I believe that this should be his biggest concern and not what Europe asks of us. I wonder if she ever had the same influence as Renzi, about a year ago with the compelling request to the EU to get 2.9 to 2.4 today. I ask (and not just you) how it explains that, in the face of compliance with the European "regulations", the Italian government debt has increased from the 1.990 billion with Berlusconi to 2.280 billion with Gentiloni! I wonder what his speech was about: I do not see any "notes" from previous governments, in the last three years since he became president of the republic: nor are his constitutional court remarks made against the commitment with that clear affinity has. She is a little younger than me (about five months) and certainly has the same Italy that I have lived and my family, perhaps more agiately, and must agree that this is not the "worst" government, this is not the government of hatred this is not the government of racism, though, and this is my "reprimand", it is about accusations that are absolutely out of time and history. It seems to me that you are speaking "orders", not because someone asks you to say something that is not convinced, but because, of course, has the same conviction of guilt and shortcomings, I sincerely hope to this government that they does not like it (and I think all Italians are aware of this). But it is not only that which makes me indignant and that mass must also be thanked, albeit less so, by MEPs who are guilty and staunchly silent: I refer to repeated violations by heads of state and "authoritative" members of the European Commission to this address address government. It is not permissible for a head of state, such as Macron, a colonialist and an overbearing warlike, to repeatedly insult the Italian government, but the Italian people, and she is silent: not once but repeatedly silent and not only silent against the so-called "leaders", but also against obscure bureaucrats who judge themselves and allow prejudices as if this simulation of Europe was not so and especially for their greed and inability.
I close, Mr. President, and ask you to be more objective, closer, whether you like it or not, like it or not for those who have reduced Italy in these circumstances, is the democratically elected majority of our country : and I emphasize OUR, not his or hers!
Elio Bitritto

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