Lucca, spreads in the hot photo chat of the 14-year-old friend: reported

Lucca, spreads in the hot photo chat of the 14-year-old friend: reported

A teenager from Lucca has shared in a WhatsApp chat with friends images and videos from the 14-year-old friend, shown in sexually explicit attitudes. The video has become viral in the area and now the boy, with 8 peers, all children, has been reported to the court of the juvenile court of Florence for releasing child pornography. To start the investigation, started in February, the complaint from the mother of the girl.

The investigation of the police made it possible to establish that the boy had spread the images and then arrived to the school chat, without the knowledge of the 14-year-old. Soon the news reached some parents and many people worried about what was in circulation. After the conviction, the army told countless young people as people about the facts, collected many elements and rebuilt the series of publications to check responsibility for the 9, all between 16 and 17 years.

A similar case, in Biella, has seen a 13-year-old protagonist who posted a photo on social media the same age with the shirt up and the chest. The image soon made the round among his friends viral, but paying for the gesture of the boy, who is not punishable for the very young age, would parents: they were in fact reported by the postal police for the dissemination of material for child pornography.

According to what the girl had told, the 13-year-old would have it initially harassed during a game with other friends. But then he suddenly lifted his shirt and convinced one of those present to take a picture, spread among friends, despite the girls' protests.

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