Martina brings the Democratic Party to the square, the M5S mocks him: "You'll be a good friend"

"The Italian people do not forget, and when Martina and her people go out on the streets at the end of the month, it is an intimate meeting, as they were at the polls last March 4". So Manlio Di StefanoUndersecretary for Foreign Affairs, mocked the protest mobilization announced on 29 September by the secretary of the Democratic Party Maurizio Martina during an interview with the Republic.

According to Di Stefano"Martina is thinking of a new one pdwhen everything in the dem policy remains old. Perhaps the secretary forgets what his party represents for the country: the former government of criminal investigation by the Renzi family, the advantages of Autostrade, the sale to the EU for 80 euros of flexibility ". "The crisis that the Democratic Party is talking about is the same as that of the last governments, especially the one who stood on the pact of the Nazarene", concludes the undersecretary for Foreign Affairs. Meanwhile, after the bickering between Renziani and Nicola Zingaretti, the Democratic Party defends the model of the "Macroniano" party, the secretary Maurizio Martina so much that Matteo Orfini tweeted: "On September 29, the Democratic Party will be on the square in Rome. Against the government, for Italy. We are waiting for you #fiancoafianco ". Matteo Mauri, coordinator of Pd's national secretariat, also protects and says: "I share the alarming words of secretary Martina: the moment is delicate and people are increasingly worried about the choices of the Lega-Cinque Stelle government that isolate Italy and are already weakening it economically and socially". "To all these people, – he adds – to the people in the center, we have to offer a credible alternative: being on the streets on September 29 means giving a clear signal to everyone that the Democratic party there is and is in the field determined to promote growth and defend the interests of citizens, of those who are more in trouble ".

Piero Fassino, from Cortona, where the current AreaDem meeting takes place (that of Dario Franceschini ed), warns: "Whether we change or die, we need a new constituent phase from the left and the Democratic Party ". Also from Cortona the secretary Martina seizes the hypothesis to change the name of the party:"The experience of the Democratic Party is over, no, not at all, we have to discuss the project, reorganize it, not from the queue, but from the head, the fundamental theme is the crucial ideas of the Democratic Party." And on the words of Nicola Zingaretti on Macron says: "Nicola's reasoning was more formulated: in any case, we must build the alternative to Salvini in our home, in Italy, and a broad alliance in Europe with all pro-European, democratic and progressive forces that do not support the return of nationalism. want" .

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