Matera asks the governor of Puglia

Which Luigi Di Maio we have not known for a long time, it is not new to gaffes. In the past he had already shown some difficulties with geography, which disrupted Chile and Venezuela. Now the Vice President of the Council grill back in the search for the web for another slip: he would be the Puglia and the Basilicata.

Di Maio, who visited the heel of the shoe, met the president from Puglia Michele Emiliano and when he walked with him in front of the camera, he asked: "And with Matera what are you doing? "The governor seems to react with embarrassment and murmurs something that covers his mouth with his hand: Matera is in fact in Basilicata and not in Puglia, from the images it seems that Emiliano Di Maio has attributed a mistake.

To be honest, Puglia and the city of Matera must share more than one project and therefore the Deputy Prime Minister's question could also have referred to the doubling of the railway or the new 5G network connection project. Of a passionate South Italian bishop how to confuse Puglia and Basilicata would indeed be the height.

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