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Elba, the arrival of Mattarella in the Cecchini building Here is the arrival of the head of state in the sports hall of Portoferraio for the inauguration of the school year (video by Mario Neri)

PORTOFERRAIO. "Cecchini" building crowded for the visit of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, on Elba for the inauguration of the school year. The ceremony changed program, as it should have taken place in the courtyard of the Itcg Cerboni school, where a large stage was set up: because of bad weather it was moved in the sports hall, where about a thousand students, little 16.30 hours, greeted the arrival from the head of state. Rai 1 live television from the building.

Mattarella was welcomed by the ovation of more than a thousand students and their teachers, from 122 schools across Italy. The President has been accompanied by the Minister of Education Marco Bussetti.

Mattarella all & # 39; Elba, the moment of the Mameli anthem Great emotion in the Portoferraio sports hall during the performance of the Mameli anthem. Implementation came after the entry of President Mattarella (video by Mario Neri)


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