Mattarella at Ariano: Biogem for the revival of the South LIVE

The president of the republic has landed in the city of Tricolle. Report from our correspondent.

Ariano Irpino.

from Gianni Vigoroso and Andrea Fantucchio

It is the day of Sergio Mattarella in Irpinia. The following is the chronicle of the arrival of the President of the Republic (At the end of the article all photo ?? s of the arrival of the President of the Republic)

7.15 pm: the president speaks

"Ariano Irpino and I are taking the opportunity to greet all citizens, this is the beginning of this important area of ​​scientific research, and I thank President Ortensio Zecchino for the invitation." Initiatives such as Biogem are essential for a young recovery that has already visible in the South, resumption facilitated by the state by all means ". The congratulations for the protocol of agreement between Normal di Pisa and Ariano Biogem to form a course of higher studies in quantitative and computational biology. Mattarella then praised the work that was done at Ariano and explained that "with regard to science one can not and does not express distrust and indifference." I felt no stranger to this Irpian reality, but on the contrary, involved and involved in considerations and explanations I felt, coming in here, completely in line with the message of the two cultures, I appreciated Mayor Gambacorta's speech on the condition of the young Irpinia, but I would say of the whole of southern Italy, and here Mattarella added. There are plenty of signs of initiative, capacity, young people seizing opportunities to express themselves, and this is an encouraging sign that must naturally be developed, guided, supported, and supported Biogem seed culture, with research producing seeds, sow in the structure of this region, this is the way to start the south ».

6 pm: speaks the president of the Campania region Vincenzo De Luca

"Thank you President for coming to this area so beautiful, fascinating, rich in history and culture and important results in scientific research by Biogem.In Campania, elements of pulcinellismo di cuo often come to the fore that we should simply be ashamed of. of Campania, of the south and of the south of Italy: the image of sacrifice, strictness, scientific indifference, research and of people trying to build a future with their own hands of a project that is important to finance as a Region : € 800,000 per year and five projects that the Campania region launched a year ago to investigate some anti-cancer vaccines for the prevention of the most common diseases affecting our territories: an institution for genetic and molecular research: the housing , one of the largest in Europe, makes it possible to test medicines, which also offers professions to many young people in the area The South must start running again and the constraints of "historical expenditures" that prefer those in the past (the Northern Region) have invested more in sectors such as health and education, overcome "- Good news about research: «The tumors register is almost complete today. "

5.45 pm: The honor of the house by Mayor Domenico Gambacorta

"President Mattarella, welcome to Irpinia, welcomes proud and proud people who have been seeing their children for a while looking for a job, looking for a future for about forty years.Istat's demographic report is creepy: every year the province Avellino two thousand people behind, especially young people, and as if it knew a whole country, a small community, an exodus that can not be stopped, we can not raise the white flag, we are in the trenches and will continue to do so, in an attempt to give answers to the citizens The administrators try to increase the vocations of the area at different levels, invest in the improvement of the excellence of food and wine, agriculture, of quality tourism, but there is also a need for more power emigration and create the conditions to stimulate the economy We are ready to support a new industrialization that of the avant-garde companies already present. Reality of the highest level, who have worked on Irpinia and found a suitable environment here, hospitable, from all perspectives. We must offer them efficient services and infrastructure. In this area, a few kilometers from the extraordinary center that houses us, the Hirpinia High Capacity Railway Station must be created. A hub that could be central to the traffic of people and goods between the two seas. Part of this project is ready for use. We are afraid, however, that we are not reaching the finish line for a change in the political strategy. We must avoid it. We will do our part. But we have to do it quickly. Thank you for your attention, thank you for giving us the honor to have you here at Ariano and Irpinia. & # 39;

17.14 hours: Zecchino: "Biogem, ten years of excellence"

Zecchino has opened Biogem's interventions: "The president allows us to attend the tenth edition of this meeting, a reality that is born from below in a context that is not easy Biogem wants to be a center of high education and cultural irradiation without barriers. The center you visited should be in line with this commitment, the researchers repopulate the center of Ariano Irpino, and we wanted to start this initiative to break the barriers that often require scientific knowledge of Separate the community, I thank all benefactors who have financed this project without interest ».

4.16 pm: Mattarella visits the Biogem laboratories

The president visits all the laboratories of the Biogem of Ariano Irpino under the direction of the President of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca, Ortensio Zecchino (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biogem) and the mayor of the city of Tricolle, Domenico Gambacorta.

4.20 pm: the procession moves among the people

Police motorcycles lead the presidential procession in the direction of Campo Reale along State Road 90. The president greeted the car that was waiting for him along the way.

4.10 pm: the arrival of the president

The president of the republic, Sergio Mattarella, has arrived in Ariano Irpino. The helicopter that was transporting it landed near the Mennea arena.

3.45 pm: the wait

Tricolors waving, smiling, an atmosphere of great occasions and could not be different. The streets of Ariano Irpino are full to wait for the arrival of the president of the republic, Sergio Mattarella. Not only the doors of houses and balconies, even the roofs of the houses are "manned" by citizens who are investigating the air on the hunt for the helicopter that the tenant of the Hill transports.

A large group of children waited for the president, along the streets, especially in the Martiri district, together with the parish priest Don Costantino Pratola. Major participation of institutional references, starting with the president of the region, Vincenzo De Luca, members of parliament, mayors and administrators of the entire region. To pay tribute to the first citizen of the tricolle, Domenico Gambacorta.

Traffic was interrupted during the transition of the presidential march, thanks to a special plan with law enforcement officers and civil protection volunteers. In the forefront, the regional civil protection manager Claudia Cambobasso. No bans on municipal police stop and civil protection along the route from Rione Martiri.

There are no two without three …

It is the third time that a President of the Republic visits the city of Ariano Irpino. The first is linked to a sad event, the 1962 earthquake, when Antonio Segni was president who brought his proximity to a population that had been destroyed by the earthquake. In 1988, the "piccone" Francesco Cossiga opened the Maxi-commercial complex of Giorgione with Giovanni Spadolini attending a conference dedicated to Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, at the centenary of his death. Today, the arrival of Mattarella is linked to the inauguration of the prestigious event of the Meeting of the 2 Cultures of Biogem: now a reference of the Italian scientific and cultural panorama

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