Matteo Salvini, Antonio Razzi on his way to the sensational entrance in the competition: leaving Silvio Berlusconi

"In Abruzzo I do not apply, in Forza Italy is killed between them, there is a total war, and then I found the card I released, before Berlusconi was gone". The bomb" Antonio Razzi, former senator of Forza Italia, could only deny it The mosquito on Radio 24, the transfer of reference. "With 99.9% – he announces – I subscribe to the Lega. Matteo does the things that I think. He knows what I am worth when he once told me that I am the only one who talks to the Koreans and can prevent a war. I want to run for Europeans".

"Until the elections – says Razzi – was my card from Berlusconi, because of the affection I had for him, I was poisoned, except pissed, but how, I saved you, I went from Di Pietro to Forza Italy and what a fuck, I miss a phone call, I am not a child but a 70-year-old man who has been working for 53. Tell me: Antò, I have to nominate others, I want to be respected, Berlusconi has become unreachable, I have already A year without being heard, he lives in a kind of ghetto, is unapproachable, an impressive thing, a free man who has always been in contact with his people, is now a prisoner. "

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