Messina, the reactions after the mayor's shock. Banner on shop windows: «Cateno does not stop»

«Messages on Facebook not everyone reads them, that's why I wanted that too publicly making something visible to everyone». So Tania Fernandez, 37-year-old owner of a store with electrical equipment via Natoli in Messina, explains the choice to hang a banner in one of the windows with the inscription «Cateno does not give up».

This also expresses the support of some of Messina's citizens for the first citizen Cateno De Luca he did the two days agochoc announcement of his dismissal at the end of a long session of the city council called to decide birth of the municipal rehabilitation agency. A central structure to complete it crusade that De Luca has registered to remove the city from the city 2500 barracks still exist.

"I'm waiting for a baby, I am seven months pregnant – explains the trader who has exhibited the banner – and where I lived Aldisio village. I know what it means to get out of a building and meet for the barracks. Cateno is the only mayor who in the first 60 days of his term he has already done what others have not done in five years ".

To hear this woman's opinion, "the city begins to get cleaner and the mayor wants to permanently remove the ugliness like the dilapidated houses. The postcard that we offer to those arriving in Messina is that of cabins and dirt. Now we begin to see that the sky has changed. Of course – it still costs a lot, also because we are not used to the rules by Messina. But I trust that the city can finally turn the page with this mayor. This is why I hope you change your mind and do not resign».

And like Tania there are many Messinesi who, after thechoc announcement of the first citizen of the Pelorian capital to resign, invite him go back on his feet. Meanwhile, the mayor sheriff, as De Luca himself defines, while he is in a secret location with his family, he broke the silence and posted a video in which he explains his vision on politics and the reasons why he is not willing to continue lose valuable time. De Luca is also on the way to the next September 30th a meeting to draw up its balance sheet first 100 days as mayor. We are sure that surprises will not be missed.

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