Meteorite & # 39; Fire & # 39; in the air of Milan

A clear fireball around 21 o'clock on Saturday 18 August illuminated the air of a large part of Italy. Many have reported it, from Milan to Rome; a large fragment of meteorite in contact with the atmosphere of the earth has caused a slight trace in the part of the sky that faces the southeast.

A long green light trail, So many have reported: a glow, which lasted a few seconds accompanied by a roar, because of the friction with the air particles.

These are not rare phenomena, we are in a period marked by a flock of meteors, that of the Perseids. 3bmeteo reports the meteorite video of Castelnuovo di Porto (Rome).

These fragments enter the atmosphere at a speed that can reach 72 kilometers per second due to overheating by friction and complete evaporation or, in some rare cases, only partially. Just as it is consumed in the atmosphere, those rays of light radiate that give rise to the phenomenon of falling stars.

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