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It is a total confrontation between Italy and the European Union. Casus belli was the meeting of the Sherpa of twelve countries, convened by Brussels to find common long-term solutions for the landing of migrants and ended with a black smoke on the redistribution of 150 blocked on board the ship Diciotti, in which an Italy was always exposed more isolated. "Europe has not managed to take a coup in the direction of the principles of solidarity and responsibility that are constantly being declared as fundamental values ​​and we will draw the consequences", the Prime Minister has attacked. Giuseppe Conte, noting the "hypocrisy" of the partners, while of the Viminale the outcome of the meeting was branded as "the umpteenth demonstration that Europe does not exist".

From now on he writes on Facebook, Italy "will take the responsibility to remove this discrepancy by following a coherent and determined action framework for all issues that will be under attack in Europe". "Italy is being forced to recognize that Europe has lost a good chance today: as far as immigration is concerned, it has not been possible to implement the principles of solidarity and responsibility, which are also constantly being deciphered as fundamental values ​​of the European legal system".


At the urgent meeting convened by the European Commission, the President of the Council said: "No follow-up has been given" to the conclusions of the last European Council at the end of June. On the contrary, some states have suggested a step back, suggesting a kind of disguised Dublin regulation, which Italy would have regarded as a safe haven, with the willingness of the other states to participate in the redistribution of only those who are entitled to & # 39; Asylum & # 39 ;, Which has a & # 39; Minimum% & # 39; to be.

The situation is becoming increasingly difficult on the ship. After the fourth day of the stay in the port of Catania on the boat, most of the 150 migrants took a hunger strike. And the minister Salvini continues to wrestle his arm with Europe, struggling to reach an agreement despite the summit today, and the Sicilian persecution. In particular that of Agrigento, who announced that tomorrow the lawyer Luigi Patronaggio will be in Rome to hear some officials from the Ministry of the Interior. The Deputy Prime Minister, however, replies: "If this magistrate wants to understand something, I advise him to avoid the intermediate steps." Because there is a so-called kidnapper and torturer, I am available to be questioned again tomorrow morning ". In the meantime there was late news about a new request from ship Diciotti "to allow the landing of the survivors who were shipwrecked from the extreme criticality of the situation on board". The Minister of Home Affairs would therefore also "consider the possibility of identification and recognition procedures to identify real refugees who are the minority from the fake refugees, even before the people disembark." After the descent of the 27 unaccompanied minors two days ago, there are 130 Eritreans, 10 migrants from the Comoros, six Bengal, two Syrians, one Egyptian and one Somali on the Diciotti. Of these 120 people have started a hunger strike today, while the remaining thirty, including the eleven women on board, are regularly fed. For several hours the visits of members of Parliament on board were suspended for security reasons.

The vice prime minister, Luigi Di Maio, also spoke according to which Italy has decided to turn away from Italy. "At the moment Italy has to pay a compensation unilaterally, we are no longer planning to put our feet on our heads". And he calls: "We are ready to reduce the money we give to the European Union, they want 20 billion Italian citizens to earn them to earn them". "They decided to condemn the principles of solidarity and responsibility – urges Di Maio – despite the last European Council to ensure that those who have disembarked in Europe have landed in Europe"

Pressing of associations of the Asylum Table to the Italian government, who in an open letter urgently request the landing of the 150 people still aboard the ship Diciotti. Among the members of the table are Caritas, S.Egidio, Emergency and Save The Children. The answer to the Italian government is also dry from Europe Di Maio did not speculate yesterday to pay his part to the EU if there is no solution on the landings: Threats in Europe do not lead anywhere. The way Europe works is cooperation and not a threat. "

"If Italy refuses to pay its contributions to the EU budget, this would be the first time in the history of the EU, which would lead to interest for payment arrears and a violation of treaty obligations that could lead to potentially severe penalties", writes on Twitter, European Commissioner for the Budget, Gunther Oettinger, who ends the post with the hashtag # cooperation-non-threats. According to Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero, guest at the CL meeting, "paying contributions to the European Union is a legal duty and we will discuss these and other issues".

And Senator Pharaoh said that onboard the Diciotti, where the migrants were on hunger strike for a few hours, the situation has returned to normal. & # 39; From 15 to 15 CV visits on board. This is what Admiral Martinez told me on the phone. & # 39;

A complaint against the Minister of Home Affairs, Matteo Salvini, in which the crime of inciting racial hatred (Mancino law) is assumed, aggravated by the position of person in charge of a public function, has been passed by some citizens to the Public Prosecution Service. offered by Treviso. For the signatories, the crime would have been carried out by means of a series of public statements from the minister – between June and July – under which they quote: "for the illegal immigrants the pacchus is over, prepare to pack in a polite and quiet way but they have to go "

in the meantime the Minister of Foreign Affairs recalls that Italy has saved thousands of lives for years "and that" the other European states have already recognized it several times. We ask that the beautiful words follow facts and concrete acts of true solidarity. The ship Diciotti saved almost two hundred people. We expected an effective and faster cooperation from the other EU countries to find the best solution as soon as possible ".

"In the last three months – Moavero Milanesi adds – we have always asked other EU partners to share the reception of those who have been saved at sea and have made us available to do the same if a similar request from the partners came a positive and innovative practice of mutual assistance ". Also in the case of the Diciotti ship? "In the case of the Diciotti ship, we followed the same line, starting with the usual bilateral contacts and also asking the European Commission to coordinate the action, an unprecedented request that caused it, with a sense of responsibility to take action. to take, in line with the community spirit The efforts and negotiations are ongoing and today an extraordinary ad hoc meeting is held in Brussels, called by the Commission to take a step forward ", according to the Minister.

Moavero met with the Hungarian Foreign Minister, Peter Szijjarto, at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked for the availability of Budapest to some of the migrants who were rescued at sea from the ship & Diciotti & # 39; to welcome and to find their opposition. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs it. The Hungarian minister underlined that there was a remarkable identity between Rome and Budapest in terms of European migration policy. Moavero, for his part, explained how the Italian vision presents dissonance points of the Hungarian.

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