Migrants from the Eighteen to Rocca di Papa Residents in rebellion: "They bring diseases"

Countdown for the transfer of about one hundred migrants who left the ship Diciotti to the "Mondo Migliore" reception center of Rocca di Papa, managed by the Auxilium cooperative. This was announced by Don Ivan Maffeis, secretary of Cei and director of the Social Communications Office. "Today there is an operational meeting in the Viminale," he explains, "and all details are recorded, the migrants leave with two buses and they have to arrive at Rocca di Papa at the end of the evening". Subsequently, they will be sorted in the time to be determined in various dioceses that have been made available spontaneously, including Turin, Brescia, Bologna, Agrigento, Cassano all & # 39; Jonio, Rossano Calabro.

«We do not want them», «They bring diseases that we exterminate», «Send them back to their country, now there will be a lot more delinquency». It is the uprising, via social media, of the inhabitants of Rocca di Papa for the announced arrival of a hundred migrants, among those who disembarked by the ship Diciotti. The tenor of the comments on the post on Facebook of Mayor Emanuele Crestini announcing that "by the will of the Holy See will be hosted in" Mondo Migliore ", center for extraordinary reception (CAS)" located in Rocca di Papa, is usually monochrome: "they bring tuberculosis and scabies", "because he does not put them in St. Peter and dear pope". "And those who are sick of scabies and who knows what else controls them, who, together with our children, do not go through the country or in public transport (together with our children)", writes Alessia. "We have heard of all the colors of the scabies and what else I call the ASL in the first place, at least this safety for the citizens.Migrants do not stay there at Mondo Migliore, they also travel with us on public transport. If she does not, I will call myself: the Vatican had to keep them, not we !!!!!! ", Stefy repeats. There are people who already point out to Rocca di Papa 400 migrant guests "with a lot of problems, and that the Better World is paid for the service it provides, and instead citizens only experience problems". In short, Gianluca writes: "In a while it will be: Rogga di baba".

One of the few voices outside the choir, Debora. "I have been working at Mondo Migliore for two years now and I can assure you that if they are ill, they will not come to us but go to hospitals to be treated, but a question to you I want to do it! Now you're all angry because the emigrants are in the center of the Best World and you're scared … Okay, I can stay too … but Rocca di Papa is full of foreigners who like the assignment type: Romanians, Albanians, etc … because they do not say anything ? but they have made Casini for Rocca di papa !!! bhoo I have no words … ».

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