Migrants, Saviano: grabs 177 people. Send Eighteen for 2 days in Catania


The 177 refugees rescued in the Mediterranean are still on board the Coast Guard ship, awaiting the breakdown between EU countries. Guaranteed guarantor: most Eritreans. EU: solution at eighteen is a humanitarian necessity. The president of the Fico room: now people have to be able to disembark. The prosecutor of minors in Catania writes to the ministers: let the 29 minors get out. Pm Patronage on board of ship eighteen


"The government has imprisoned 177 people, and Diciotti, who was unable to disembark with the Ministry of the Interior, who was on board for 5 days, represents a very serious and illegal case of a multi-state kidnapping". He writes it on social media Roberto Saviano. The journalist and writer then wrote: "If there are still parliamentarians worthy of the name (even the M5S, despite the horrible submission to Salvini on the subject), go to Catania and climb on the Diciotti to see what happens conditions and the shame of this government ".

Minister's response: "Fesserie"
About the "report of kidnapping" of which Saviano wrote, Minister Salvini answers via social media. With a tweet, the deputy prime minister replies: "The summer is coming to an end and the nonsense of Saviano is coming back!" Was it missing? Minister Salvini later published a commentary on the events that took place in the port. "In Catania, too, there were a lot of demonstrators who still want immigrants … We send him a big kiss?" In the signs that the demonstrators keep in their hands, they read sentences like: & # 39; We are all illegal & # 39; & # 39; Defend people do not border & # 39 ;; & # 39; No man is a strange & # 39 ;.

Eighteen, second day in Catania

No landing, so from ship Diciotti, arrived around 23:30 two days ago in the port of Catania with 177 migrants rescued off the coast of Lampedusa. The refugees, the line adopted, will not be able to leave the patrol of the coast guard awaiting the allocation among the countries of the European Union of rescued migrants. Also this morning on the pier of the Levante is only personnel of the coast guard present, the police of the state, the guardian of finance and the carabinieri, no volunteer or belonging to the civil protection for landing assistance.

Pm Patronage on board of ship eighteen
The Agrigento Public Prosecutor, Luigi Patronaggio, is on board the ship Diciotti in Catania. The magistrate is the owner of the investigation into the detention of refugees on board the Diciotti. The investigation, which could also hypothyise the abduction in person, is still the responsibility of unknown persons: if they were identified by government officials as responsible, the ball would go to the ministers.

PM Ministers: dispose of minors
The Catania Public Prosecutor sent a letter to the Ministers of the Interior and Infrastructures, the head of the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration and to the prefect, with whom he asked "unaccompanied minors disembarking" from ship eighteen. The news published by Intersos was confirmed by the Ajello prosecutor. There are 177 migrants on the coast guard, including 29 unaccompanied minors.

Guaranteed guarantor: most Eritreans
Even the national guarantor in a letter to the ministry of home affairs has expressed "concern" about the impasse. According to the guarantor, the majority of migrants would be Eritrean nationals and there would be more than 20 unaccompanied minors on board. "The people on board the ship – he remembers – are in a state of de facto freedom: without the possibility of free disembarkation and without this impossibility of movement being supported by a provision that defines their status legally. violation of Article 13 of the Constitution and Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) ".

The associations: Catania is hospitable
"Let's take them down" is the slogan chosen by the pro-immigrant catanese associations that demonstrated this morning at the Molo di Levante & # 39; to ask that the 177 migrants can descend "hostages of politics" from the ship. "It is unacceptable – repeat the representatives of the various associations – the choice of the Italian government, and in particular of the Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvini, to prevent the landing on the Italian territory of people exhausted and in bad health conditions. can justify the use of hundreds of human lives as a weapon of blackmail, considered meat for slaughter, no lives and hopes, but numbers to spread or fend off Catania is a city of solidarity and welcome and we want our port to be immediately is open ". The area of ​​the pier is constantly monitored by law enforcement. Yesterday, on the news of the arrival of the Italian patrol, the Catania officer opened a case without any hypothesis of crime, while Agrigento's public prosecutors continue to investigate what was happening off the coast of Lampedusa.

Mayor of Pozzallo: do not hold them to the eighteen
"I have a sense of great punishment from the point of view of man." We must remember that we are dealing with people who have been crossing the desert for months and months, if not a few years, and who have then been shut down in the fields of Libyan detention and then they have crossed the Mediterranean and it seems to me that human point of view not very right to keep them here for a few days. "The mayor of Pozzallo (Ragusa) said it was Roberto Ammatuna who spoke with journalists in the port of Catania.

The Boni radical in total hunger strike
Since yesterday Igor Boni, from the national leadership of Radicali Italiani (candidate in + Europe at the last elections), on a total hunger strike for the story of the ship Diciotti "to the restoration of legality, international law and human rights for the migrants and the soldiers & # 39; confiscated & # 39; by the Italian government & # 39 ;. It is a total hunger strike, to the bitter end, to the restoration of legality for Italian migrants and soldiers who have been conquered by Nave Diciotti, writes Boni, and I immediately ask President Mattarella, as head of the armed forces, to intervene immediately to put an end to this miserable affair. "

Malta to Salvini: Italy does not respect obligations
"Unfortunately, Italy has not yet fulfilled its commitments regarding the redistribution mechanism initiated by Malta in comparison with the migrants disembarked at the lifeline on 27 June". Thus, the Maltese government replies in a note to the Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini cheieri "accused Malta of failing to fulfill its obligations in relation to a previous redistribution mechanism set up by the Italian authorities". Yesterday Salvini wrote that "about 450 immigrants disembarked at Pozzallo in July and that this had to be divided among the other European countries, only France has kept it". While the other countries, including Malta, are "zero". Today the government of Valletta replies that "the Maltese authorities have already been in contact with the Italian authorities to fulfill their commitments as quickly as possible, but the Italian authorities have not laid down a specific procedure for Malta". "Malta – continues the government's memorandum – has always participated in solidarity mechanisms and was the first Member State of the European Union to keep its promises in relation to the European Commission's solidarity mechanism vis-à-vis Italy and Greece. to international laws and conventions ".

Malta rescues the ship with 100 migrants and 2 corpses
And today a Maltese ship rescued 100 migrants from a boat that "arrived on the water and threatened to sink" about 125 kilometers south of the island. This is stated in a statement by the Maltese Minister of the Interior, Michael Farrugia, on his Twitter account stating that & # 39; two inanimate bodies & # 39; on board.

EU: solution at eighteen is a humanitarian necessity
Finding a solution to enable the landing of migrants on board the Diciotti is a "humanitarian imperative", said a spokesman for the European Commission, Tove Ernst, who underlined that contacts with other member states are "on the way". The Community's executive has made contacts with several Member States to redistribute migrants on board the eighteen. "We are still talking to the member states," said the spokesperson. According to the Commission, "the priority must be for everyone to get the care they need," the spokesman said: "What we have emphasized yesterday and today is that we are talking about people as quickly as possible so that these people board, "the Commission spokesman concluded.

Figure 177 must be able to land after being moved to the EU
"The right negotiations with the countries of the European Union can be continued without problems, but now the 177 people – including some unaccompanied minors – can disembark, no longer stay aboard and then be transferred to the EU." So the president of the room Roberto Fico on Twitter about the case of the eighteen.

Maroni: I am at Salvini, clandestinely at home

"Dear Fico, the illegal immigrants (so they are called) have to go home #IoStoConSalvini". The former governor of Lombardy, Roberto Maroni, writes on Twitter.

Oim: necessary landing system to avoid similar situations
"There are people from Libya in the eighteenth, where migrants are often the victims of violence, abuse and torture, because of this stalemate they suffer, who already have terrible experiences." It is necessary to provide a more coordinated landing system that can handle similar situations. avoids ". So on Twitter the Coordination Office for the Mediterranean of the International Organization for Migration (OIM), an agency that is connected to the United Nations.

Another investigation in Palermo
Meanwhile, the DDA of Palermo has opened an investigation into the crime of criminal organizations aimed at trafficking in human beings about the story of the boat of migrants rescued by ship Eighteen of the Coast Guard.

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