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No landing, nevertheless, of the ship Diciotti, arrived yesterday around 23.30 in the port of Catania with 177 migrants rescued from the coast of Lampedusa. No refugee, repeating more sources, will leave the coastguard patrol awaiting the allocation of rescued migrants in the countries of the European Union.

On board there would be several minors and 28 of them would be unaccompanied according to Save the Children. On the east pier there are only personnel from the coast guard, the state police, the financial guard and the carabinieri, no volunteer or members of civil protection for the help of the landing.

The Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has not given permission to the eighteen on board the ship until he is certain that the 177 migrants on board will go elsewhere. It is learned from sources of the Ministry of the Interior, which underline that we are waiting for answers from Europe. Until that moment no one of the eighteen will come.

Transport minister Danilo Toninelli wrote on Twitter that "the brave men of the coast guard have fulfilled their duty by saving lives just 17 miles from Lampedusa, and Europe is now recording its share".

"The Farnesina has formally and officially invested in the question" of the ship Eighteen with 177 migrants on board "from the European Commission, so that it can find a solution that is in accordance with the principles of sharing between the Member States of the European Union" . This is stated in a memorandum from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressing that "the Italian government considers it essential for the Commission to take the initiative to welcome the EU countries available to welcome people who are being rescued at sea".

"Decisive action by the European institutions, which of course fully supports Italy, can make it possible to overcome the problems in an orderly and systemic manner and to apply the burden-sharing approach, which has been applied more than once, more structurally, in the last two years. months, on the basis of ad hoc agreements between the same States ". Minister of Foreign Affairs Enzo Moavero Milanesi said this and referred to the formal request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the intervention of the European Commission on the case of the Diciotti ship.

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