Migrants, Viminals: unlimited funds for Riace, reviews of "anomalies"

Cold showering for Riace, the Calabrian village of the reception almost reduced to hunger by a never-declared freeze of funds earmarked for the projects of reception of refugees and refugees. The Viminals have told us to let people know that the Department of Civil Liberties and Immigration is evaluating the counterclaims sent by the mayor of the village of Calabrian, Mimmo Lucano, but it would be "a necessary step after the verification of many, seriously "and widespread critical problems for expenses that do not qualify".

According to what was filtered by the Viminale, it would be "anomalies that contributed to the aggravation of financial difficulties", however – Lucano anticipated Wednesday evening at a public meeting in Reggio Calabria and several times on Thursday – officials who took over these counter-arguments would have provided sufficient reassurance in this respect. "They told us that our deductions were perfect, they clarify everything, I would not want the noise generated by the news to push anyone to block the whole procedure, I'm not afraid – says the mayor – but to go there go hundreds of people who were welcomed in Riace, they found a home, as well as the people in the region who work thanks to their hospitality projects ".

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A fear based on the environment of the mayor and who has chosen Riace in recent months in the struggle for another model of hospitality as possible. A conflict that has been going on for some time – Lucano – is already underway during the Gentiloni government, when Minister Marco Minniti was in charge of managing the Viminale, which has only become clearer. However, to give Riace hope in a quick and definitive solution to the problems, the relocations of the Reggio Calabria prefecture, led by Michele di Bari, who approved the payment of the arrears for the last months of 2016 at the latest a week ago. rib of the Viminale, the prefecture, has begun paying off a first part of the debt with Riace, complete with a device that confirms that the accounting, expenses and accounting documents comply with the rules and procedures.



Mayor Lucano: "Italy wins with Riace"

"We can not help but wait," they say to Riace, who waits in these hours for the Comboni missionary Alex Zanotelli, the soul of Emergency Gino Strada and the writer Chiara Sasso for the award of honorary citizenship. Always the side of Riace, his mayor and the possible dream of a "community of human beings" are just some of the intellectuals, activists, magistrates, priests, thinkers, mayors, party activists, trade unions, commissions and movements, but mostly simple citizens who have chosen the side of the small Calabrian village. After Roberto Saviano's public appeal, over 150,000 euros have been collected to continue the projects that the Viminale has left, but the bureaucratic machine is considering returning to the funding. "Unless – commented with attention to Riace – not strictly political reasons".

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