Milan, child returned to his mother after sixty years. «Tragic misunderstanding»

A tragic misunderstanding that a Chinese mother and her son have kept away for 8 years from his 11 years. The misunderstanding that – writes the Court of Minors – in which he incurs his mother in Italy in December 2010 is convinced that the community, where three years earlier was placed with the newborn child, fulfilled in the same way the functions of a "kindergarten" happens in China; and decides to leave the child alone in the community to look for a job to pay a debt of 5,000 euros, without understanding the scope of this decision and the significance of this behavior in Italy attributed: or the initiation of the adoption and transfer of the child to another family, assuming the mother had abandoned him (as already the father in Bangladesh).

The real painful point, beyond other complications related to the psychological characteristics of the motherthat tells the woman that no one has helped anyone understand what happened, and received no explanation from the social workers or from the operators of the "Chinese Friendship Desk" via Padova. Because the misunderstanding, due to the barrier both linguistically and culturally, has led to an increasing contrast between the mother and the services, and especially to the ever-increasing distrust of the mother towards the educators of the "neutral space" of Como, where she For years, the child could only meet every two weeks and in a protected environment. It is only now that the mother, with the intervention of the Modena lawyer Francesco Miraglia, obtains from the Juvenile Court the conclusion of the procedure of adoptability and the possibility of gradually regaining her life with her son: the judges Marino and Cogliandolo actually write that which is certain it must be appreciated that the lady never intended to abandon her son, with whom he is present and lives a bond of attachment. However, the lawyer points to an appeal to the prosecutor to assess the nature of the relationship between social services and host communities, because according to him, the foster mother, for example, is directly related to the head of the association that runs the community.

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