Milan lawyer killed by a hornet: point in his country house in Asti

Milan lawyer killed by a hornet: point in his country house in Asti

He had a moment from his mansion a Nizza Monferrato, in the province of Asti, to turn on the gas bottle. Then he came back to the house and complained about a head that turned: "He bit me behind my neck"he said to his wife shortly after death, he died like that anaphylactic shock fulminant Sergio Barozzi, Milan's lawyer 62 years, one of the best-known Italian labor lawyers. To kill him an insect, probably a hornet. Needless to go to the hospital.

The lawyer arrived Friday in his country house in Nizza Monferrato, together with his wife, Giovanna Fantini. "They had to stop one night and then they had to go back to Milan to see his Inter," says Emilio, 24, one of Barozzi's two sons. The report is reported by the Corriere della Sera.

Barozzi had just left home and came back with a complaint about dizziness that became a serious illness in a few minutes. Then the desperate race by car to the hospital. The lawyer lost consciousness during the short trip and died shortly after arrival at the first aid.

"He was one of the nicest and brightest people I had ever known, and he was considered a great innovator in the Italian legal world, he founded the Lexellent studio and was the first to make a mark, to to use the modern communication dynamics, "from the friends who arrived in Nizza Monferrato.

Vice-President of the Lombardia Regional Group of the Italian Employers' Association and three times advisor to the Milan Bar Association, he received international awards and recognitions. He was already a lawyer for Ryanair in Italy and had become partner of the Milan firm Sza for several months.

The funeral with civil ceremony will be held Wednesday, September 5 in Milanprobably in the Giuriati sports center. Barozzi, who had served in the Cus Milano Rugby and was vice president today, was often handed over to the oval ball stadium on Sunday morning. "He was a unique motor of a thousand passions, he taught us ideals and steadfastness", emphasizes his son Emilio. "The rugby players never die, at most they pass the ball", with this saying the friends of Cus remembered him on the Facebook page.

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