Milan, pickpockets in action at the Central Station

Milan (askanews) – They chose their victim, an Indonesian tourist just arrived in Milan, in the crowd of people who visit the Central Station every day. They watched her, stalked, and, with the excuse to help her, were drawn into the elevator that leads from the ground floor to the ground floor, next to the taxi rank. Here, in a sudden movement, she took her purse out of her bag. Value of the loot: 14 thousand euros. The blow dates from August 20 last. The authors, four Bosnian pickpockets, have been identified by the police thanks to the video analysis of the internal video surveillance system.

In the film, shot in the elevator, we see the band around the victim. One of the thieves is standing on the photocell of the door to prevent it from closing. An excuse to move the victim's luggage, rather bulky, close to the henchman who puts his coat on the bag with a sudden movement and, without being seen, slips off his wallet in no time at all. Meanwhile, his henchmen do not stay with their hands: they sniff the backpack of another tourist without finding anything precious to steal. Once the elevator doors are opened, the four flights will flee and lose their tracks. The tourist, who had brought a considerable sum of money to spend on shopping in the European capital of fashion, could do nothing but report everything to the police. The four pickpockets were identified within two days. A complaint was filed for them due to increased theft.

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