Murder of the Nicotera campsite, the alleged killer is formed

Francesco Timpano

He was already chased by the carabinieri on August 12th last time, halfway through the day, he would enter the campsite "the Seagull"On the coast of Nicotera Marinaand despite the presence of some customers, that would have been the case shot hitting Francesco Timpano to death (45 years): five shots of gun exploded at shoulders that cooled the victim (READ THE ARTICLE).

Giuseppe Olivieri, 36 years old also from Nicotera Marina, it was built in fact, this evening in the Carabinieri accompanied by his lawyer, Francesco Schimio.

Man is accused of voluntary manslaughter, port and possession of illegal firearms. According to the researchers, he would be the killer who has killed Timpano: an action of fire lightning, performed under the eyes of different swimmers on the beach and under the lenses of the camera surveillance camera & # 39; s.

an action which the researchers themselves have defined as "arrogant", Implemented that is, one face discoveredin the early afternoon and without worries of any kind risks & # 39; s and dangers.

Olivieri it would be then fled of the crime scene and since then, after collecting a few testimonies and watching the video images for safety, i the carabinieri had identified him and they were on his tracks (READ THE ARTICLE).

As for the motivealready in the immediate vicinity of the facts the men of the weapon doubted: everything would be connected to a man another criminal event, that ofMay 11, when his brother, Francesco Olivieri (READ THE ARTICLE), today in prison, he would have killed two people in Nicotera then injure three others in Limbadi.

Olivieri would have prepared what is defined as one "list of death" which also the brothers were from Francesco Timpano, Vincenzo and Pantaleone (READ).

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