Murdered in Sferracavallo, Cosimo D & # 39; Aleo died

We return to shoot in Palermo. A man – 43-year-old Cosimo D & # 39; Aleo – was shot dead in Via Sferracavallo, not far from the passage to the level. It happened around 9 PM, the body of the victim remained on the asphalt. Another man would have been shot, apparently a sixty-year-old man, who had already been identified and who had fled to a Ford after he had first barricaded himself at home. According to a first reconstruction it seems that the murder occurred after a dispute between neighbors.

On the spot the police, firefighters and 118. They investigate the men of the murder department of the mobile team. Investigations made even more complicated by the storm that struck the city: via Sferracavallo it immediately became a river of water, making it much more difficult to hunt man.

The murder in via Sferracavallo, shoots and kills the neighbor for the smoke from the barbecue: arrested

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