Naples, child in wheelchair for the Muslim rite: "Fermo, do not turn it off"

Controversy a Naples for the "Id al-adha", the Islamic festival of sacrifice that takes place between today evening on Tuesday 21 August and Saturday 25.

According to tradition, the ritual provides for it sacrifice by means of to stick of an adult and physically intact animal, usually a sheep, a cow or a camelike. It is precisely this specific aspect that the animal rights activists and residents of the Piazza Garibaldi have warned, chosen as a place for celebrations. Before such care the person responsible for the immigration of the CGIL Campania has tried to dilute the tension Jamal Qaddorahdenying that such incidents occurred during the celebrations. Nevertheless, the level of attention remained decisive high among the population.

The proof of this is the video of Salvatore Iodice, council member of the municipality II, who intercepted a foreigner who was ready to carry out the ritual until the end. "I was in the car with my wife in Via Annunziata", the consultant told about "Il Mattino", "And I saw a boy with one from the corner of my eye walker, from where you could see the legs of an animal. Alarmed, I got out of the car and yelled at the boy and ordered him child".

Iodice threatens the foreigner by saying that he would call the police, and in fact that's how it ended, with 4 flying come to the scene to solve the problem. "The young man said that he had always done this ceremony in his country and that it was his intention continue to do. ", the consultant continued.

The foreigner, a citizen of nationality Moroccan, was subsequently identified and reported for animal abuse. Despite the fact that this first attempt to circumvent the Italian laws has been thwarted, the concerns among the residents will remain the coming days.

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