Naples, inspectors arrive at the Sannazaro: take part in the students (VIDEO) – Naples Village

NAPLES – Protest the right to study and ask to open the school on Saturday to start the rotation.

It is the protest of high school students Jacopo Sannazaro from Naples who organized a seat in front of the school this morning.

It is the boys who, according to the decisions of the director Laura Colantonio, should have stayed at home.

This year, with the launch of new courses in fact, the classic excellence of Vomero's availability of classrooms is lower than classes (48 for 53) so for five of them in surplus in rotation, the management had also planned sports activities: stamped as «School trips», especially those on the beach of the seat of the fire, in a club with a swimming pool in the hilly area, but also in the morning in Villa Floridiana.

Today, the inspectors sent by Campania Regional School are expected to understand the situation.

Meanwhile, the tension among the students of Sannazaro is high.

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