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they are seventeen the people who are disembarked by an emergency of a ship Eighteen: 11 women and six men. It is learned from medical sources. Five men have scabies and also suffer from infectious respiratory diseases such as pneumonia or tuberculosis and the sixth urinary tract infection. The & # 39; medivac & # 39; is necessary for the risk of contamination and promiscuity. The six are taken to the central biocontamination center of the Garibaldi centro hospital. The eleven women having eighteen ships have been raped in Libya and will be evacuated by the Coast Guard patrol as a medical emergency. The doctors determined the signs of violence in the centers of human traffickers and ordered the admission of the victims to the Garibaldi hospital in Catania. A total of 123 people remain on board, including Eritreans, migrants from the Comoros, Bengal, Syrian, Egyptian and Somali. On Wednesday, 27 unaccompanied minors had already left the ship.

"There is absolute peace and this does not change the line of strength". The line of the Viminale, according to ANSA, does not change over the migrants on board the ship Diciotti. Matteo Salvini confirms calm and emphasizes being at work, "with good prospects", for "a positive solution" to the case. "Every complaint is a medal for me," he said.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Levante dock in Catania to participate in the anti-racist demonstration to support the 150 migrants who had been on board the ship's ship Diciotti for five days. The event is organized by the anti-racist network. Demonstrators show peace flags, not Muos, Legambiente, Cgil, Usb and Arci. Also present the scouts. Some sing & # 39; Bella hello & # 39;

Meanwhile in Rome the Prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio listened to some officials from the Ministry of the Interior who were aware of the facts in the investigation into the coast guard's shipyard in the port of Catania. The hearings took place in the offices of the Public Prosecutor of Rome.

One is consumed by the migrants harsh confrontation between the Italian government and Europeafter the nullity of the sherpa meeting in Brussels on the Diciotti case and more generally on a landing document. Di Maio and Salvini do not threaten to pay the quota of Italy to the EU if they do not find a solution for the landings, but the reaction of the community is very heavy: "So we are not going anywhere". READ

Political polemics have also been ignited. In a tweet, the former prime minister and senator Pd Matteo Renzi writes: "There are 150 Eritreans and 43 Italians held hostage by the post-Facebook of some minister, but human rights are worth more than & # 39; I like & # 39; on social media. & # 39; Italy, no rogue: we remain human and # Fateliscendere & # 39; The Democratic Party calls on Prime Minister Conte to report immediately to Parliament.

Fifth day of the eighteen in Catania. All seemingly silent, under an already hot sun, in the port of Catania, where the ship Diciotti has been moored for five days. Of the patrol of the coastguard three days ago, 27 unaccompanied minors left the ship. Today at 5 pm a garrison of a cartel of regional associations is planned in the harbor to release the & # 39; release & # 39; from & # 39; exhausted people and in poor health & # 39; to demand. Also this morning on the pier of Levante is only staff of the coast guard, the police of the state, Guardia di Finanza and Carabinieri. No volunteer or belonging to civil protection for the help of the landing.

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