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Five days after docking in the port of Catania, the case of the Diciotti ship was unblocked with the landing, at night, of 137 migrants (PHOTO & # 39; S). After identification, the transfer to the Messina hotspot is awaiting spread between the Italian church, one hundred, Albania and Ireland, twenty each. That is the case for each other Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini was investigated, together with his chief of staff Matteo Piantedosi: will have to respond to abduction, illegal arrest and abuse of office. The pm of Agrigento the investigation file would have to send Wednesday to the Palermo prosecutor, who will then "turn over" the documents at the court of ministers (COS & # 39; È)competent in view of the involvement of a member of the executive.

Piantedosi, on the other hand, says absolutely "serene, calm and determined" and not "alarmed" by the investigation of the pm of Agrigento. His relationship with Salvini, professional and human – according to sources close to the head of the cabinet – is not under discussion and has even been strengthened. Piantedosi is convinced that no rule has been violated about the Diciotti affair.

On the question Eighteen, the other Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Luigi Di Maio emphasized the compactness of the governmentwhile reaffirming confidence in the judiciary. READ

However, Salvini defines the investigation as a pity: "Defending the borders of the country, they will not stop us". The leader arrives for the Lega leader Solidarity of Silvio Berlusconi: his absurd and inconsistent lawsuit – he wrote in a note – can only have a favorable result & # 39 ;. Once again, the court has intervened on an exclusive political matter that it is absolutely not allowed to interfere. "

For the treatment reserved for migrants the President of the Italian Medicines Agency has resigned (AIFA)Stefano Vella: "I can not tolerate – he told ANSA – as a doctor, to chair a public health body at this time when people are treated in this way on our territory, where there is a universal system to health: I respect Minister Salvini because he puts his face in his decisions, I believe that anyone who opposes this must do it the way I do now ".

The migrants have landed. First silent night, with the necessary help, at the hotspot made in the former Gasparro barracks in Messina, because the 137 migrants disembarked shortly after midnight from the ship Diciotti, dropped after five days spent on the patrol of the coast guard moored in the pier Levante from the port of Catania. Many have not slept since they arrived in a military bus in the late afternoon in Sigonella. They will remain in the structure managed by the company Badia Grande, awaiting the next division between the Italian church, one hundred, Albania and Ireland, twenty each.

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