New fire in the Caserta area: toxic cloud alarm

MADDALONI – Second serious fire in just five days. Another large cone of black smoke (produced by the burning of plastic material) dominates Maddaloni. A deposit of plastic and wooden containers for fruit and vegetables has been set on fire.

Two fire service teams are busy putting out languages ​​that are even four meters high.

The structure, located in a side street of Via Carrarone, is close to the Magrone barracks of the Army Police School. The provincial traffic is blocked 335.

A very high black cone dominates the eastern suburbs and mainly covers the area of ​​via Carmignano and the fraction of Montedecore. Here, as a preventive measure, the population was asked to stay closed and keep the windows closed. The volunteers of the operative core of the municipal civil protection also work.

Sunday, August 26, 2018, 12:59 – Last update: 26-08-2018 13:14

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