Nicola Zingaretti does not exclude that the name of the Democratic Party changes. Skeptical Gentiloni, wall of the renziani

Change the name of the Democratic Party? "Political subject corresponds to a political name, I do not exclude it, but only at the end of a path where we will see what we have become If this path will lead to another identity, we will see, even if the name will be changed to the Democratic Party ". Nicola Zingaretti said speaking on the stage of Versiliana at Marina di Pietrasanta (Lucca) at the Festa del Fatto, commenting on the hypothesis of a name change of the Democratic Party.

The idea to change the name of the Democratic Party, already launched by Carlo Calenda, does not like Paolo Gentiloni, who spoke in Cortona for the AreaDem meeting. "Calenda was one of the best ministers, he is a smart guy, but I am not convinced by the idea to change the name of the Democratic Party." The party must be changed but not archived. Is it a marketing problem? Idea that should change with the idea that it will not function after 10 years. That is not it, let's keep it tight, even look at the progressive forces in Europe ". […] "We have bred some sort of vengeance against the electorate: you did not vote for us and Salvini, this thing has to end here, the Congress has to be done as soon as possible and maybe a few weeks ago at a Democratic Party meeting" called.

Carlo Calenda on Twitter clarifies that he has not proposed to change "simply name for the Democratic Party" because it would be a "cosmetic operation", but rather "found a broader progressive party, not paralyzed by the currents and resentments, and open to participation new people who represent parts of society ".

The new project of Nicola Zingaretti, announced last week at Huffpost, "begins on 13 and 14 October in Rome in a major event called" Grande Grande ". According to the governor of Lazio, "those of the" old "firm and those who have declared themselves as new are old, I will call on Italy to build up a democratic thought". Matteo Renzi speaks immediately: "Dear Matteo, it went like this, but now try to help in another position".

The belief is that it is not just a matter of leadership. "Perhaps the problem was simply to change leaders and then win again.The theme is much more complex, we want to build a party that has to go far beyond the existence of a leader, or democracy consists of democratic parties. whether democracy is impoverished and here there is the degeneration for which, from time to time, we place ourselves in the hands of a leader, or rather a leader. " For Zingaretti "the cultural challenge is to reopen the discussion with tens of thousands and thousands of people".

The Renzians reject the race to the Pd secretary of Zingaretti: "It does not seem to be a topic on the agenda, it is not necessary to mention names – says Ettore Rosato at the Dire – sets the date of the congress as soon as possible, makes the candidates and then decided. "The dem has no comment on Carlo Calenda's proposal to change the name of the party:" I do not think this is a priority and the Italians do not care about these things … I hope – we can – we can quickly celebrate Congress ".

As for the dialogue with the 5 Stars, the candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party explains that "a confrontation with the M5S should not be opened for power agreements, but for a cultural challenge." A new political challenge must also serve to discuss some of that voters. "Instead, he says in the dialogue with Emmanuel Macron Zingaretti and Marche:" The European Democrats must present a new Europeanism, build an alliance with European troops, even with Macron, but we are different from Macron: so we defend Europe with Macron, but do not make the PD of that thing there ".

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