No herd for the ex-bandit Matteo Boe – Sardinia

There will be no "sa paradura" – the archaic gesture of solidarity from the Sardinian pastoral world, a real help for the peasants in need – because the ex-bandit Matteo Boe, who was convicted of the kidnapping of the little Farouk Kassam, returned last year in freedom after having spent 25 years behind the bars. After the news, anticipated by ANSA, of the initiative promoted by the singer of the Instanteles Gigi Sanna, with Coldiretti and Prociv Italy, to donate 15 lambs to the former bandit of Lula (Nuoro), the storm broke loose on the internet. And the gift of sheep, a gesture that would help Bo' start again & # 39 ;, will not be there. "The Sardines have a soul dictated by the history of their ancestors with cultures and traditions," wrote Gigi Sanna on Facebook. "Today, after all controversy, we have decided to turn the most archaic and representative gesture of the Sardinian community back to the man Matteo Boe." We can not allow the keyboard lions to crochet and especially deny the human person with a gesture that, from the night of time, belongs to the Sardinian people … Excuse me Matteo … not that ghetto a galera unu sardu liberu (I do not put a free Sardinian in prison) ".

In the evening the same Boe intervened, who did not like publicity at all. "Although he is flattered by this noble gesture, that is sa paradura – Boe writes in a statement released by his lawyer, Anna Rita Mureddu – even before the unveiling of the news, I decided to refuse the generous offer, still not aware of the echo of media attention that would follow, in absolute contrast with the spirit that characterized and characterized this initiative ". "Sa paradura" sees all farmers being mobilized when a colleague loses his herd due to natural disasters, deaths or thefts.

A ritual that repeats itself over time: a little more than a year ago, the Sardinian herders in Cascia, Umbria, were able to convey a message and a tangible and concrete sign of proximity to their colleagues who , because of the earthquake, everything had lost, and she gave a thousand sheep. And today "sa paradura" is repeated with the arrival in Sardinia of the lambs born of those sheep: this time they will serve to offer a possibility of recovery to some Sardinian shepherds who for various reasons have lost their flock. Among them was originally also Matteo Boe, who will no longer be at the ceremony – confirmed for the other predecessors – planned in Nuoro, on August 29th.

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