Overwhelms close by car, old woman dies and 7 injured – Sicily

It was just after 10 pm when a car collided with a family that had gathered in front of the door, killed an eighty-year-old, Maria Napoli, and injured seven people, not in a serious condition, including a 9-month-old child at that time. a walker sat and a few minutes earlier he was still in a stroller that was overwhelmed by the Fiat Punto, powered by a 52-year-old man, Gaetano Fagone. It happened yesterday in Palagonia, in Catania, via Savona, a street without exit where the inhabitants of the city spent their summer evenings in front of their houses. The man behind the wheel, who would have psychiatric problems, would run to the group of people, sitting at the tables, taking revenge on the frequent contrasts with neighbors and who had caused complaints in the past. He used the car from his father, who lives in front of the accident and where he has eaten with his ex-wife.

After overwhelming people, he turned around and tried again a few times before he fled the parent's point, and then found it by the carabinieri who also used helicopters to search for Fagone. In Palagonia, 16 thousand inhabitants on a hill with citrus fruits, people can not believe what happened. Doors and windows have been blocked in Via Savona; the shock and the pain prevail throughout the country. Fagone's ex-wife, who had been admitted to the car before the incident, simply said, "I do not know anything." Via Savona is an empty road today; the relatives of the wounded are admitted to hospital by their loved ones. Among the prisoners there is a 60-year-old woman with a broken kneecap; others mainly have contusions. The 9-month-old baby and the little brother, only touched by the car, remain in observation – because the shock suffered – but they remained unharmed. The crazy gesture of last night could provoke a mass murder: at that time, on the sidewalks, there were more families, about thirty people.

And an attempt at mass murder is precisely the hypothesis of crime that the chief prosecutor of Caltagirone, Giuseppe Verzare, thinks of defying Fagone, described as an introverted man. Meanwhile Mayor Salvatore Astuti launches the alarm and asks for more security: "When I think back to what happened last night, even Isis does not do these things … He hit the people one by one until the last one fell. there have been six episodes of violence in the last 24 months, this is the seventh, separate facts but with a red thread: the loss of values ​​". For the parish priest of the church of San Giuseppe, Renzo Venuti, "there are problems related to drug addiction, school leavers, there is well-being, but in combination with great difficulties." There is great fear, especially in the suburbs: we try to get people closer to bring together a redemption, but the support of institutions, law enforcement agencies, otherwise it will be a very difficult process. "Violence is a language, a reaction".

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