Palermo, the woman poisons her children and herself to take revenge on her husband

Madness a Palermo of a Sri Lankan woman who decided to take revenge on her husband, guilty of the fact that she had left her as a result of a violent dispute.

After he left, his wife studied one revenge to get the comrade in the hardest and most direct way possible, predisposing the killing of his two children and finally his suicide.

To implement the unhealthy plan, the woman cooked a soup full of poisonous seeds for lunch oleander. L & # 39;oleandrinIn fact, ingested in the juice of the above plant can be ingested in large quantities, cause cardiovascular arrest and thus death.

To risk the life of the youngest son, of only a year of age, in which the mother had taken up different spoonfuls of the poisoned soup before she herself delivered a large quantity of it. According to the researchers, however, the child The biggest he would have escaped the danger by not even eating a spoonful of soup.

To prevent the terrible revenge from being reached and to literally save life for the poisoned, the mother of the abandoned woman. The old woman, realizing that her one-year-old grandson did not give a sign of life, immediately launched the alarm 118. The ambulances arrived on the spot in a short time and they took the children to the hospital: for the smallest it was necessary to allow hospital admission. Resuscitation.

Feel the search for the antidote through the center poison from Palermo, found after more than an hour of hospital research Cefalu. Thanks to the collaboration between the hospitals it was possible to save the life of a one year old child, that in any case under noteas well as the older brother, despite the fact that his circumstances nevertheless give rise to suspicion.

Also the mother of the two is admitted to the public hospital of the Sicilian capital, but is out of danger. However, it is guarded by the police as responsible for the crime of the attempt murder. the to investigate, performed by the Palermo mobile team, are still in progress.

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