Pedophile, sixty, photographs the little girls on the beach of Rimini and risks lynching

He pretended to call, but in his hands he hid a very small and powerful camera. He constantly photographed, while the children were playing, jumping and chasing each other without realizing anything. On the beach of Rimini, not far from the big Ferris wheel, the pedophile was hidden between the bustle of the coastline, camouflaged between thousands of umbrellas and towels. He was convinced that nobody knew him and risked lynching instead. The men of the Flying Police Squad thought to save it from the abuse of their parents who had been sucked up and had indicted him. The officers arrived after an urgent appeal from the Port Authority, where someone had reported the presence of a foreign person. An unsuspecting sixty-year old from the province of Vicenza.

The tests

Meanwhile the patrols rushed into the area of ​​the bathroom, the fight broke out on the beach. Someone observed the strange movements (and the strange position) of that man and immediately became suspicious. He asked for an explanation and understood everything he was doing: he fixed the lens of his small camera (hidden in the palm of a hand) on the girls running on the shore and took hundreds of photos. s. «220 frames already included in the memory», the agents of the Volante have found. "For the most part, they were girls without a bra," the police wrote down in the report for the magistrate.

Anything recorded on the camera's memory card will suffice and continues for a complaint, but after having informed the public prosecutor, the police officers also decided to organize a search in the hotel room where the pedophile was to stay for a few days. stayed. The investigation has not been completed, also because the police headquarters in Rimini even have to analyze some episodes in the past. The sixty-year-old Vicenza was even at the center of another investigation. Always for his forbidden passions. In fact, the Venice Police Police had already dealt with the case, starting with a report from Belarus. Where the 60-year-old from Vicenza was found by the regular users of websites full of child pornographic material.

In Rimini, yesterday, he thought about enriching his gallery, but the anger of his parents threatened to result in dangerous lynching.

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