Pension reform The latest news Part 41

Overcome the obstacle of launching the Update note to Def with a debt 2.4% per year for the next 3 years. According to what has been leaked, it will at least be necessary 62 years and 38 years of contributions retire quota 100 and instead, the share 41 it is postponed until next year.

Pensions, quota 41 will be transferred to 2019 and confirmation of the option for women.

the share 41 would allow early workers to retire with the only contribution from the 41 years old and without obligation to achieve any personal data requirement. The postponement of this system until 2019 will punish those who were born after 1957 and who started to punish young, but today they have not yet reached 43 years of social security contributions, they will still have to remain in service.

For example, a 1958-born employee who started working in 1978 will have to wait until 2020, whereas if you were born in 1959, even though you started working in 1978, at the age of 19, waiting in the absence of changes two will be his year.

"Retired in the square? Everyone, we will work with everyone I never said that the women option will not be refinanced. And by quota 41 2019 will be the year to also solve this problem"These are the words of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Labor and Economic Development Luigi Di Maio delivered at the Capitol press conference.

Woman option causing early retirement with 57-58 years old and 35 years of paid contributions. However, this benefit would not be at the expense of female employees, because in this case they could issue a check with an amount calculated exclusively with the premium base. In economic terms, this is a reduction that could amount to 25 to 35% of the expected amount.

In 2019 it should therefore be able to go out with 42 years and 10 months of contributions (41 and 3 months for women) instead of 43 years and 3 months. Instead, the option for women must be confirmed.


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