Pisa, goodbye Unity Day. The militants: "Abandoned by the people"

After shamelessly losing the government of the city of Torre to the last administrative, the board of directors of the club pd di Riglione, fraction of Pisa, decided to make the traditional appointment of the Unity Day, which took place the first Tuesday after mid-August after the war. "There is exhaustion among the militants as it went, we are tired of it self-referential party", write by the Words Committee that reflect the state of crisis in which all Democratic Party, as evidenced by the whistling tones suffered at the funeral state of the victims of the bridge of Genoa, not to mention the last polls.

Removed a previous period in the sixties, the Feast of Unity Riglione, a fraction of Pisa, represented a permanent appointment for the left-wing militants during the post-war period. But for the first time in 50 years it was party time canceled. This was decided by the steering committee of the local club of the Democratic Party, which gave a long explanation about the reasons behind a difficult but long considered choice. In the crosshairs of the militants many mistakes have been committed by the ruling class of the party.

As reported by PisaToday, after summarizing the technical reasons behind the cancellation of the Unit Day – "The new safety regulations must be complied with […] and the urgent need to do complex and costly sanitary interventions on our structures, to adapt them to current regulations "- this explains the reasons for a difficult but unavoidable decision. fatigue among the militants for how things went. The repeated defeats of the last years, experienced as the result of an inability of the party to stand on the right. Equality and democracy. To measure the real needs of people, bothered daily by the many problems society generates from social uncertainties that ultimately cause uncertainties and growing fears. You can not do with agencies and propaganda", writes the secretary Biagio De Presbiteris.

The communiqué leaves room for self-criticism for defeat at the administrative level. "It was lost because in the people's quarters, where hardships and social rights are largely denied, our people have left us, it has been lost because an important part of the productive groups of Pisa, small businesses and professionals, mostly oriented, at least in the elections administrative, to the center left, he chose to go right ". "It is quite clear – we continue to read in the statement of the circle of Riglione – that the center-right proposal seemed more credible and coherent than our own. Despite all this, the Democratic Party did not consider it essential to investigate these and other reasons to start over again ".

But in the sight of the demisan militants, it is mainly the case management group National Democratic Party, accused of not openly discussing the reasons for the defeat and not involving the local clubs. "The goal – they continue with a critical tone – was to immediately choose a secretary, without discussion, at any cost, even with dubious interpretations of the legal norms Many of our militants did not understand the reasons for coercion. what was the hurry, because we wanted to avoid a discussion about the merits, even on, ending with feeding the perception of a dark evil that gets worse, the removal of many militants the hope that this party can be reformed from the inside Why were the circles that form the backbone of the party are not involved, from where a vital rooting must be built up again to bring us closer to the needs and expectations of the citizens? ", The questions with which the letter from the militants of Pisa is concluded.

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