Ponte Morandi, strong corrosion of the pylon close to the houses. Toti: «Autostrade decides what to do»

The risk collapses to level four on a scale of five written assessments black and white in the administrator's night to the public works of Liguria Roberto Ferrazza, who sent his last report on the state of the stump of the collapsed bridge. The urgent report arrived at the tables of the Ministry of Transport, the Department of Civil Protection, at Palazzo Chigi, in the prefecture in Genoa and in the Procura. The high level of corrosion is evident on Pilone 10 from Ponte Morandi, which supports the Est stump of the structure, close to the evacuated houses.

The chief prosecutor Francesco Cozzi has already indicated in a letter to the parties involved that it is ready to sign the release of the area to enable a possible slaughter if the security issues impose it. The Commissioner who was delegated to the emergency situation, that is to say the President of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, recently sent a note to the Autostrade company to immediately request one of the two options: either to insure what remains is from the bridge or to remove it. Immediate effect: the company's motorways would therefore have to respond to the request within a few hours and since securing the security would be a fairly long operation, the most likely thing that reacts is that Autostrade responds by l & # 39; Italia through the emission control plan to propose.

We must aim for demolition as soon as possible everything that remains of the Morandi bridge, a bad carcass and an ugly symbol, Toti explained at the Rimini meeting. In an informal way, from the Commissioner's office dealing with the emergency situation, they estimate too much for the next 48 hours to give an answer. If Autostrade per l & # 39; Italia is not replicated within a maximum of two days for immediate notification, Toti decides what to do. makes the knots on the fate of Morandi, so that they will melt very quickly.

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