Press Salvini on the M5S. Solution with a view to the eighteen case

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The policy of Luigi Di Maio is based on two pillars: maintaining a stable and solid alliance with the League and not contradicting the punches of the base of the 5-star movement.

On the altar of the first totem, he defended his Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini, and authorized Casalino to write the note that yesterday the Prime Minister Conte protested strongly against the European Union.
He even admitted the harsh reprimand of the league leader against the statements of the president of the Roberto Fico Chamber.

In the network, however, something, indeed a lot, has been moved. By throwing the rope on the ship, Eighteen end the thread with public opinion and the algorithms that are dear to the M5S must have understood. The humanitarian tragedy of the port of Catania and the hunger strike and landings due to the precarious health conditions – 11 women and 5 men, 2 with suspected tuberculosis – have made it clear to Grillini that it is not possible to sustain this crisis for long.

That is why Salvini started with a particularly robust smoldering. Several ministers of pentastellates such as Toninelli, Trenta and Bonafede (Minister of Justice) have reported to their leader the opinions of their ministries, explaining that much has been sacrificed on the altar of the League, but that you can not sacrifice everything. Serious consequences in relations with the army, the coast guard and the judiciary.

To complete "the encirclement", including the opinions of personalities in the vicinity of the Movement (from journalists to influencers). The result was a collective forcing of the 5-star component of the government to work on a positive solution for the Diciotti case.
Even Salvini, say of the upper floors of the Movement, knows that he has reached the limit and soon trusts a minister of the 5 Stars that counts, the holder of the Viminal will unblock the situation.

And Di Maio can breathe a sigh of relief.

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