Racism and migrants, condemned Matteo Salvini

After a lot of talking and opening a file against unknown persons for kidnapping, a real complaint comes. Salvini has already said that, whatever happens, he goes "ahead" in the Diciotti case and does not "stop". It is therefore difficult to imagine that the complaint of a group of five citizens from Treviso for "inciting racial hatred", aggravated by the position of Minister of the Republic, could really disturb him. But that's the way it is.

Among the complainants are Said Chaibi, former councilor in Treviso and Renato Zanivan, former secretary of the city of Sel. The group thinks that the phrase & # 39; the pacchus is over & # 39; said by the Minister of Interior in Vicenza shortly after his appointment until the Viminal has something racist.

The sentences mentioned on the Treviso report are listed in the file. It goes from "The immigrants who are here for lunch and dinner are clearly too many" to "Because the illegal immigrants are over the pacchus, get ready to pack, in a polite and quiet, but they must go ", flying by" The immigrants have eaten far behind the others for far too long "to" a survey among the Roma in Italy to see who, how, how many remakes what is defined in the census, we make a register. "Of course you can do not miss that "Italian Roma must keep you home" and so on.

According to the signatories of the complaint, Salvini would have made statements "of discriminatory and racial content" in which "the situation of asylum seekers reaching Italy" is defined in a blatantly defamatory manner and "the hostility of Italian citizens towards such persons is promoted". While the census for the Roma "set up, encouraged, promoted and encouraged" the Roma "minority in Italy," and thus repeatedly violated the Mancino law.

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