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From the early morning traffic on the A14 in the Marche has intensified further south, with delays and queues that were signaled up to 4-5 kilometers before Porto San Giorgio / Fermo. This is after the continuing closure of the southern part of the motorway between Fermo and Grottammare to allow the restoration of the "Castello" tunnel by a fire on the evening of 23 August. Conditions that cause great inconvenience during two days for motorists who are passing through, both on the motorway, between Marche and Abruzzo, and in the Adriatica-state where the traffic to the south is given, deviate from the A14, in days from red dot for the return of the holiday. In many parts of the Marches-Bologna of Taranto it is raining and delays and posts can increase during the day. The traffic is intensive in both directions, but after critical days for the current in a northerly direction, the circulation towards Pescara is more delayed at the moment.

Saturday, August 24 a day to forget, with long queues even 13 kilometers in the north and four lanes southbound between Grottammare and Fermo, for motorists driving the A14 in the route between Marche and Abruzzo. The normal road network is also in crisis, especially on the Adriatica state road with a journey time of between 70 and 150 minutes to bypass the closed part of the motorway. In addition, there were also some rear-end collisions on the northern A14, between Pedaso, Porto San Giorgio and Grottammare: the collisions made traffic management by the traffic police even more difficult with the use of motorcyclists. The queues lay in the north late in the afternoon, thanks to the expansion of the motorway in the other direction – from Fermo to Civitanova Marche – to encourage the outflow of vehicles to Bologna. However, the circulation in the southern part of the Bologna-Taranto section is still difficult and will also cause severe discomfort for tomorrow with the tunnel works that will be continued. So much so that the operational road network committee convened by Fermo prefecture, in consultation with all relevant law enforcement agencies and public services, has opened the integrated civil protection operational structure for better monitoring: improved surveillance services and medicalized points with an addition to Porto San Giorgio , employment of police riders to control even the heavily loaded ordinary roads. Autostrade provided continuous information to users via the media and advice on alternative routes.

here recommended routes Viability Italy for the coming hours and for the weekend:

– If you are traveling via the A14 from Bologna to Abruzzo and Puglia, take the exit Cesena to use the E45 Orte-Ravenna, enter the A1 in Orte, follow the connection to the A24 and use the A24 towards Teramo for the destinations of Abruzzo and the southern Marches, or the A25 towards Pescara to continue towards Puglia.

– Travelers traveling to Abruzzo and Puglia via the A1 can travel further than Bologna to reach the A24 in Rome and continue to Teramo or the A25 towards Puglia.

– Those who travel via the A14 from Puglia and Abruzzo and are referred to Emilia Romagna or to destinations that are further north, can leave the A25, reach the A24, reach the A1 motorway in Rome and head north.

– Those who follow the A14 from Puglia and Abruzzo and are bound by the Marche – north of the closed part – can leave the A25, reach the A24, reach the A1 motorway in Rome, exit Orte, take the E45 towards Cesena .

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