"Renzians fear me" (Zingaretti)

Friday 31 August 2018 – 8.40 pm

"Renzians fear me" (Zingaretti)

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Rome, August 31. (askanews) – "The renziani attack me because they have understood that something competitive that can change things is finally in motion". This was stated by Nicola Zingaretti, governor of Lazio and candidate for the secretariat of the Democratic Party, at the feast of Fatto Quotidiano & # 39; in Marina di Pietrasanta (Lu).

"This avalanche of attacks and aggressions was very disappointing," he added, and then he explained his thoughts about Europe and relations with Macron: "Whoever describes himself as a sovereign, he underlines, is actually the first to represent the Italian sovereignty in question In the battle for Europeans, the Democratic Party will have to propose a new Europeanism that will change this Europe by entering into an alliance with the pro-European forces, even with Macron, but we are different from Macron, because we represent different bodies ".

Regarding the possible change of the name of the Democratic Party, the governor of Lazio has not been unbalanced. "" A political name corresponds to a political topic. I will not rule it out, but only at the end of a path where we will see what we have become, "he said.

Zingaretti then opened the M5's. "I – he explained – I do not agree with those who say that the electorate of the M5 and the judge are the same, I think the M5s electorate is a meeting between many different rides, I believe that a confrontation should not be be opened, not for power fairs but for a cultural challenge, to show that it is possible to reconstruct a harmony with a very heterogeneous voter ".

As far as his challenge to the Dem secretariat is concerned, he explained: "We will start on October 13 and 14 in a major event called" Piazza Grande "and the heart of the proposal that I will make is to reconstruct ideas, values ​​and a political class: different: it requires discontinuity, we need a new political class, because what has been lost ".

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