Rome, yellow for the Balduina: woman invested several times with stolen cars

Yellow on Thursday evening in Balduina. A seventy-year-old woman was crushed against the shutters of a store and was hit several times by a car that was driven by a person who later escaped and left the car 300 meters away, in an alley in Valle Aurelia where he burned. The victim was included in a prognosis reserved for the Gemelli outpatient clinic with fractures in different parts of the body, especially in the pelvis. About the case, the carabinieri of the company Triumphal, who have conducted a series of examinations, are waiting for the doctors to feel the victim that would not be life-threatening, even in severe circumstances.

Investigation into the personal relationships of the victim is being investigated

According to a number of testimonials that drove the car, an Opel Astra that was stolen in the Garbatella area last March deliberately targeted the 70-year-old in Via Cesare de Fabritiis who tried to invest it several times to hit it and land it on the ground. throw. So the escape and rescues to the victim transported by ambulance to the hospital. It explores the entire field to reconstruct the story and to understand the motive of the attempted murder. For this reason, investigations are conducted into the personal relationships of the woman, whereby it is not excluded that it was an attack with the aim of committing theft.

August 31, 2018 | 09:41


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