Sabaudia, 1250 red roses for the girlfriend: one for each day together

Even ordinary people, if they are worth it, can occasionally enjoy extravagance from the rich, especially when it comes to paying tribute to the love for the life with which one has just reconciled. We can only imagine the unbelieving gaze of Raffaella, the girl of Sabaudia, who is not only sent a bunch of roses home, but a whole flower bed. His partner Devid, who runs a bar in the famous seaside resort on the Lazio coast, ordered 1250 from the Netherlands: one for each engagement day. Local news reports that the couple, which has been together for four years, recently had a minor argument that broke the relationship. Hence the idea of ​​strengthening the relationship with a Guinness archive. To help Devid, the florist Angelo Pilati, who placed photos of the rose bed on his Facebook, was resting on a wooden trolley of 6 square meters. Even transporting the mini-walking garden to the young's house was not easy, but the lover's embrace at the sight of the incredible surprise, Devid repaid abundantly (and paid about three thousand euros). Of course, if the love story would continue for years – as everyone wants, starting with the florist – repetition of the company could become a problem.

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