Salento, lightning falls on the beach of Porto Cesareo: 4 wounded, a 13-year-old grave

a lightning fell among the swimmers beach between Porto Cesareo and Torre Lapillo, in Salento, in the afternoon of today. According to the first information i wounded because of the flash there are 5, of which one 13-year-old Senegalese serious conditions. The group of boys plays near the edge of the water when it was taken by lightning. The teenager is the most serious and is executed in red code to & # 39;Hospital Vito Fazi where he was subjected to the examination of the Tac and, performed in the intensive care unit, was intubated. Two more people were included in a yellow code. At the time of the accident it did not rain, but in the distance the first thunders were heard. The army of the Port Authority also intervened on the spot.

According to the local press the lightning has dropped between the banks "Le Dune" and "Tabù" along the Jonica coast around 2 pm To be hit, a group Senegalese boys who played football on a beach between the two beaches. from five involved in the worst a 17 years old Senegalese a 29 years old Italian that was close to the boys when the lightning fell on the beach. The most serious is the 13-year-old, intubated and intensive care of the Vito Fazzi in Lecce. The teenager went inside cardiac arrest after the shock and was revived thanks to the fast intervention of the lifeguard of "Le Dune", incurred with the defibrillatorand some nurses free from the service in the bathhouse. Even for the 29-year-old and 17-year-old hospital transport was required in yellow code for diseases to the sensitivity of the limbs, headache and initially loss of consciousness. While the other two boys – it seems they are all peddlers – were rescued on the spot by the 118 doctors, but access was denied.

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