Salvini: "We do not do politics based on judgments, the name Lega does not touch"

The hypothesis of the only party

About the story of the Eighteen: "At the procurator I say that I would do it again". The maneuver? "We will touch 3% without exceeding it"


"We do not do politics based on the money and the judgments of this or that magistrate, we have a government program and we respect that, with full pockets or empty pockets, guilty or innocent". So the Minister of the Interior and League leader Matteo Salvini, who asks if he wants to launch a center-right party if the Court of Genoa's revision would accept the Prosecutor's request to block the funds from the League. Salvini spoke at the Berghem Fest in Alzano Lombardo (Bergamo).

"Eighteen years ago I tell the public prosecutor that I would do it again"
"I say with great affection to the attorney of Agrigento that if another ship arrives in an Italian port, I will do exactly what I did this summer, not more or less," said Mario Giordano, who asked a question about the Diciotti case. has answered. "I came in 45 years to live an incredible summer, I never thought in life to be examined for kidnapping".

"The name Lega does not touch"
"No, the name Lega does not touch", he then answers the hypothesis of a name change, if the Court of Genoa's review would decide to block the funds of the League. "No. the League is there and will be there, with money or without, with convictions or without, because the League is the people and the people do not stop anyone, I prefer a full brain and empty pockets and not the PD who has full pockets and an empty brain, "he concludes.

Maneuver: "We will touch 3% without going over it"
The 3% reduction "we will touch it softly, as the Northern League knows how to do without overcoming it," said Salvini, "We will try to respect all the restrictions imposed by Europe, but first comes the well-being of Italian citizens. so that God send well ".

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