Salvini: we study the nationalization of Autostrade. Giorgetti: "Do not convince me" – Politics

"We are studying and working, we will certainly not do the gifts someone has done in the past, when someone has signed measures that have earned billions of dollars and pay billions to Italians": So the Minister of Interior Matteo Salvini commented on the possibility to nationalize the Autostrade. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Salvini said in the meantime in favor of one
"Great plan for major public works such as those launched by President Trump."

"By studying Autostrade's financial statements, yes, I am in favor of a healthy coexistence between the public and the private sector, but the public must have control", says Salvini, who was asked to Agora.

"I am not a public prosecutor or against Autostrade, for or against Benetton – Salvini added – in this case the private person has made a disaster and is a very well paid private person." What we do will not be dictated by the desire for revenge, but justice. If we have to cut, we will cut quickly ".

"Yes, it is true", the Lega agreed to renew the concessions on Autostrade, but "by those who have been governed for years and years and signed and checked the concessions, a good silence would be appropriate," says Salìvini.

On the nationalization of Autostrade the undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council, Giancarlo Giorgetti, has a different position than Salvini: "I am not very convinced that the government of the state is more efficient".

M5S, Fi-Pd was a favorite with Benetton. Insane system of favors – "Over the years, governments of the center and the right and center links have built up an insane system of favors to dealers, which significantly contributes to their enrichment at the expense of maintaining our infrastructure." It is the accusation that the 5-star movement of his blog is moving in Fi and Pd that "have decided to be aligned with the Benetton" and not with "the requirement of justice and security that comes from of millions of Italians ". "With the Government of Change all these shameful islands of privilege will be opened and eliminated".

Delrio: we have increased maintenance by 80% – "Each of us must understand the limit of political action: we have made an infrastructure plan of 130 billion, we have increased maintenance by 80%, but we do not say that we collect what is sown." This was stated by Graziano Delrio. "After the collapse too many lies were told, which among other things dishonor the dead": by the previous governments led by Pd "there was no extension of the concession from 2038 to 2042 and no secret of the documents". The former minister of infrastructure confirms this. "We've never been told about the need for traffic restrictions," he added to the Espresso survey on technical meetings with the ministry, which showed a decline in the efficiency of the tie rods in February. "Those who have slandered me on the web get complaints," he continues.

Giorgetti, nationalization of highways does not convince me – "I am not very convinced that the administration of the state is more efficient". So Giancarlo Giorgetti responds to those who ask him for an opinion about the possible nationalization of Italian motorways.

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