Sardinia, 7-year-old boy drowned in the hotel pool. "Sucked by a filler"

NUORO – A 7-year-old boy in Ogliastra, Richard Mulas, died drowned while playing in the pool of a hotel in Orosei, Nuoro, on the central east coast of Sardinia. The event took place around noon at a hotel in Via Lungomare. Unnecessary attempts to revive the child, which took about an hour, by 118 staff, intervened immediately. On site, the Carabinieri of the Orosei station operate together with the coroner and the prosecutor for the investigation.

From what has been learned, the child played with a few friends in the pool then, for reasons that have yet to be determined, his body was seen as traced and immediately saved. According to reports from the Sardinian Union in his online version, the little son of the Sardinian father and the Ecuadorian mother would have put his hand in a pool sprinkler, and then remained stuck.

All the way around the pool, the baby helped pull out of the water, while the 118 doctors came in the meantime. Called by parents and hotel managers, the carabinieri arrived at the hotel to start the investigation, collect the testimonies and rebuild the whole thing.

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