Sardinia, carousel carousel re-enacts: 10 children injured in Pula

A small children's carousel suddenly fell over on Sunday evening in Pula, in Cagliari: ten children were slightly injured, luckily they only brought superficial abrasions with no consequences. The incident took place at Piazza della Chiesa, where a revolving carousel was installed in the amusement park with chairs hanging on the chains. Part of the construction, probably the central pivot, has yielded to find out why the carousel has to be reversed. Immediately parents and those present intervened to help the children, frightened by the program. The carabinieri questioned the carousel owner and seized the structure to verify the regularity of the permits issued for the installation.

The intervention of the Carabinieri (Ansa)
The intervention of the Carabinieri (Ansa)

27 August 2018 (change 27 August 2018 | 15:54)


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