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Sassuolo, August 22, 2018 – They saw her caracollare in the middle of the sea with the bow only partly lifted. Strange pace for a sailboat of that size (an Altura Ferretti, model Atlantis, about 12 meters long, christened Lulubelle with the French flag) a few hundred meters from the coast. These details were enough for some young people from the surf school Vada in Livorno to understand that the boat drifted. The boys immediately called for help and shortly after, a soldier from the coast guard climbed the twelve meters that had been stranded on the shallows of Vada.

So, in the late afternoon of yesterday, the mystery of Lulubelle began. The port authority of Livorno has determined that the owner should have been on board. This is Pietro Fogliani, 56 years old in November, a passionate sailor, two sons, an entrepreneur from Sassuolo and owner of the Serra Ceramics. He would be the only passenger on the boat that was hovering and of which there are no news or tracks.

The Coast Guard from Livorno has visited him since yesterday afternoon with various units at sea, the help of a helicopter and divers from the livorno fire department. Late in the evening there were no traces of the man except those who had stayed on board and who would think he was alone.

From these same findings (all confiscated by the magistrate of service, along with the boat moored in the harbor Cala de & # 39; Medici of Rosignano, who opened a research file) it was possible to go back to the place and the date of departure of the man: port Lotti in La Spezia last Saturday. Fogliani saw that day around his boat tinkering and although no one was present when he left the dock, there is no doubt that he & # 39; s afternoon & # 39; left in the evening.

From La Spezia to Vada there are about 50 nautical miles and the Lulubelle has navigated in almost three daysif it is managed or not, it is not known. The Modena entrepreneur did not call or write, but on the other hand he was. Reason why nobody in La Spezia or Sassuolo worried that he had no news about him for three days. Passionate about extreme sports – he had also participated in a Paris Dakar – he spent a few days at sea alone by boat. And perhaps – but here we are really in the field of the hypothesis – to betray that it could have been his great love for the sea and the equally great faith in his means.

The men of the coast guard, once on board the Lulubelle, saw a detail: wrapped around the propeller tree there was a top of the boat, the end of which was attached to an annular lifebelt (the "ciambellone" to understand each other). Perhaps, but it is very premature to say so, Fogliani was led by the wish to take a bath in the middle of the blue and threw himself into the sea with the life jacket to get carried away by the boat; but then lose the contact.

Of course, the men of the coastguard keep looking for him and keep every hypothesis open. Even if everything suggests an accident or a fatality.

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