School: Bussetti, the matches start in September – More news

In September, the competitions start in the school. This was announced at the Rimini meeting by the Minister of Education Marco Bussetti, who answers as soon as possible the mandatory vaccines before the start of the school year, after a meeting in the coming days with the trade unions and the Minister of Health Giulia Grillo . "Of course there will be competitions in the school: they will be used for new recruitment for both teaching and non-teaching staff, and we intend to activate them in September," says Bussetti, according to whom the ministry is planning "a very system to review that This moment has many views to clarify: it requires peace, order, attention and great reflection, we put it all in ". In any case, the Minister has confidence in an orderly start of the school year. "Some problems will always exist, but we are ready to intervene to solve them," he emphasizes. Especially after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, the government's attention is focused on the safety of school buildings. "Even before the tragic affair of Genoa – he clarified – we had already allocated seven billion euros for the implementation of school buildings: I found them and now we use them, first we have to bring the school buildings into line with the document risk assessment and the certification of electrical and thermal systems, so that they are safe.This must be the first step.We have some data that are somewhat discouraging from this point of view.We have discovered the means and will be the first, and then others will come. " And the government, which intends to introduce "changes without shocks" in the Good School reform introduced by the Renzi government, is also planning to take the entrance exams. "We are on the move and we will soon have to take action to change some aspects of the state exam for 2018-2018". The reception of the audience of the Rimini meeting is good. And the minister launches reassurance at equal schools, a nerve discovered in the relationship with communion and liberation. "They are part of our education system, and those who are destined for them are not really money, but support, help and they have to go to those who actually produce excellent quality from the point of view of the educational offer," he repeats.


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