Seizure of person and omission of official deeds, new accusations for Salvini: "Medals" Italy

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Venice – "I can not wait to explain my reasons and the safety of the Italian people". So in Venice, the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, responds to the news of new accusations that are included in the investigation file that was opened in the investigation of the Agrigento prosecutor about the affair of the eighteen.

"Some ministers were investigated because they had stolen – he noted – I have been investigated because I have defended the borders and security of my country.It is a strange world.I am so calm that I am ready to confront myself with everything and everybody ".

"They can examine me for what they want – he concluded – I shoot straight ahead like a train, and the only thing that worries me is that I have to explain to my two children that Dad is not a kidnapper, here's the only difficulty: the Italians already understood it ».

The new charges for the Minister of the Interior, all called to answer by kidnapping, illegal arrest and abuse of office, also cover the crimes of kidnapping a person with a view to coercionAccording to the magistrates, the owner of the Ministry of the Interior would prevent the landing pressure on the EU towards the redistribution of migrants; and the omission of office documents because he would have ignored the Coast Guard's request for a safe harbor, indicating Catania is merely a technical stopover.

"We have not been working for three months, but it seems to me 30 years since we saw the work and the research, and today I have discovered that I have 3 other things, but for me they are medals." the Minister of the Interior had made comments at the opening of a meeting with Governor Zaia.

From Venice, Salvini also responded to Macron's claims: "Whoever does the right, last year at the borders with Italy has rejected 48,000 immigrants, so it's a very special thing." He's a hypocrite, a talker. "

the research

The lawyer Luigi Patronaggio carries out further research and also checks with regard to the identification and protection of the rights of the injured and for technical and legal problems. The aim is to ensure that migrants on board the Eighteen are fully protected and have the opportunity to institute proceedings against the Minister of Home Affairs. Tomorrow, the procedures for the investigation must arrive at the Palermo Public Prosecutor. The offices led by Francesco Lo Voi have 15 days to send everything to the Court of Ministers, which will start its investigation and decide within 90 days (plus any sixty) to submit the cards or resend to the public prosecutor who will have to forward the authorization in the Senate.

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